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Carnival (Fasnacht)

What would carnival be without music? If you are organising a masked ball or a concert of Guggenmusik, you need to have a licence to play protected music. You also need to apply to SUISA for a licence if you want to produce a CD or place music on your website.

On the other hand, you do not need a licence for spontaneously "drumming about" ("Gässle" as the locals call it in Basel).

What to do if you want to...

... add background music to your homepage?


... hold a carnival event (e.g. masked ball) with music?


... organise a "Monster-" or Guggenmusik concert?


If you are a member of HEFARI or of the umbrella organisation “Vereinigte” of the carnival in Lucerne, many licence fees for events are already covered (Common Tariff Hb). However, for organised concerts (Common Tariff K), licence fees have to be settled separately. 

What do I need to do for a CD production?

You need to file a declaration for the  CD production with SUISA at least 10 days before production. The pressing plant must be indicated on the declaration form. SUISA will send the licence directly to the pressing plant.


How much does a licence cost?

The licence fee is 10% of the retail sales price when all the titles are protected (subject to overlicences and minimum fees). For free CDs, the fee is generally CHF 0.70 per unit.


We do not know who the author is, only the artist, maybe, and aren't sure of the titles. How do we file a declaration?

The works used should be declared as accurately as possible. If you do not know who the authors are, you can declare the artists. If the work cannot be identified with that information, we assume it is part of our repertoire.

Do I need a catalogue number or a label/brand?

No, you do not.

Any further questions?

Please call 044 485 66 66 or send an email to CustomerServices@suisa.ch.




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