Apply for a licence

Apply here for a licence to use entertainment music at fairs, exhibitions and fashion shows

Are you organising a fair, fashion show or other event accompanied by music? We will issue you a licence for the music used based on Common Tariff Hb. 


The licence fees are generally a percentage of ticket revenues. For small events (admission price under CHF 17 and a location capacity of up to 400 persons), a flat rate applies.

If you play commercially available sound recordings (CDs, MP3s, Streaming, etc.), we will charge you a fee on behalf of SWISSPERFORM for the neighbouring rights of the performing artists and producers.

If no revenues are generated or the revenues do not cover costs, the fee is based on the costs of the music use (artists’ fees, cost of travel and accommodation for the musicians, rental cost for instruments, PA system and the venue). For more details, please consult the relevant fact sheet and the tariff.

Use of background music or broadcasts

If you play background music or show broadcasts during your event, we will grant you an additional licence under Common Tariff 3a. The licence fee (CT 3a) depends on the surface area where music can be heard or broadcasts perceived.

Reductions for contract customers

If you conclude a contract with SUISA covering your events, you can claim reductions of up to 15% provided you comply with the contractual terms and conditions.