Since 1923, SUISA has been committed to ensuring that the value of musical creation is recognised and fairly remunerated, in Switzerland and worldwide.

Of each CHF 100 that we collect, we distribute CHF 87 to music creators.

SUISA represents the authors' rights of music creators and publishers. This means that we ensure that composers, lyricists and publishers worldwide are remunerated  when their works are used in public. 

A strong national and international stand for music

We work hand in hand with sister societies abroad. In 2017,  together with SESAC, the US organisation, we founded the Mint Digital Services alliance.

SUISA manages what are known as "small rights". These include all non-theatrical musical works, as well as TV and film music and many concert versions of theatrical works. The "grand rights", which include musicals and operas, are managed by the Swiss Society of Authors SSA.  

Facts and figures

Key facts and figures about SUISA

  • founded in 1923, organised as a cooperative
  • over 41 000 registered composers, lyricists and publishers of music from Switzerland and abroad
  • approx. 220 employees at 3 locations
  • distributes CHF 120 million to authors and publishers each year
  • over 100 sister societies in various countries
  • approx. 2 million registered authors and publishers worldwide
  • over 120,000 customers from the event industry, media, trade, etc. 
  • Creating fair conditionsFairness
  • Mediating between music creators and usersEngagement
  • Working with passionPassion

Our Foundations

We actively support Swiss music and musicians through two foundations: 

  • The Pension Fund for Authors and Publishers contributes to the retirement pensions of its members. Moreover, it offers social advice and support, as well as financial assistance to creative artists in situations of hardship.
  • FONDATION SUISA promotes today's Swiss and Liechtenstein's music-making with 2.5% of SUISA's revenues from performance and broadcasting rights. It supports music projects, gives work grants and supports music publishers.

SUISA-Song «Anthem 2023»

Swiss rapper Greis composed a song on behalf of SUISA together with other co-authors. More informations on the SUISAblog.

Lyrics and music by Greis, Kackmusikk, C. Perkins, Ben Mühlethaler