Lobbying and public relations

In addition to representing the rights of musical and cultural creators on a daily basis, SUISA actively engages in political lobbying and public relations work on their behalf through associations, campaigns and publications.


Swisscopyright is the umbrella organisation of the five Swiss collective rights administration societies (also known as collective management organisations or collective administration societies). ProLitteris, SSA, SUISA, SUISSIMAGE and SWISSPERFORM. As such, Swisscopyright defends the interests of creators vis à vis political circles, business, and society. Moreover, Swisscopyright works in close collaboration with other cultural associations such as SONART and Suisseculture.

For further information, visit Swisscopyright’s website.


Can you copy songs? Can you post them online? Copyright is an extremely complex area. It is practically impossible for youngsters nowadays to understand the legal do’s and dont’s when dealing with music, pictures or films. That is why the five Swiss copyright societies joined forces and created a concept to sensitize youngsters. The concept consists of an educational leaflet entitled “"Alles, was Recht ist" (What is right?), the "respect©opyright" teaching materials with an eponymous school event where an artist joins a facilitator to explain in entertaining fashion how cultural creators earn their livelihood.

For further information, visit the respect©opyright website (available in German and French only).


Suisseculture is the name of the umbrella organisation of Swiss professional cultural and media associations and the Swiss copyright administration societies.  Suisseculture is committed to furthering the moral, economic, and social interests of creators and their works. The association relies on a broad network of civil service, cultural, and media professionals.

For further information, visit the Suisseculture website (available in German and French only).


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