Organisations on the Swiss music market and professional and trade associations

Important associations within the Swiss music industry

Where can I get financial support for my music project? Who can help me with promotion? Which organisations represent artists' rights?

See here for an overview of the main Swiss organisations for music creators.


    FONDATION SUISA has been promoting contemporary Swiss musical creation in all its diversity since 1989. 
    FONDATION SUISA  promotes music through "passive" funding applications, and is an active stakeholder on the Swiss musical landscape. 
    Through project grants, selected partnerships and presence at international events and fairs, Fondation SUISA is constantly expanding its reach.

  • Stiftung PhonoProduzierende

    Stiftung PhonoProduzierende, the Foundation for the producers of sound recordings, only supports projects serving to promote the status of record producers and the use of sound recordings in cultural life. These projects can be cultural events, competitions, awards, vocational and advanced training in areas related to the production and use of sound recordings, as well as general cultural action for the promotion of sound recording productions. As a rule, Stiftung PhonoProduzierende does not make any direct grants to record producers or concerts

  • Schweizerische Interpretenstiftung - SIS

    SIS, the Foundation established in 1988 by SIG - the Swiss Cooperative Society for Performing Artists - has been financed since 1993 by regular contributions from performing artists (phono and audiovisual) charged to SWISSPERFORM's deduction for cultural and social purposes.
    The Foundation supports live performances and tours (music, dance and theatre), health promotion and prevention projects (e.g. the hearing protection project for Swiss musicians), as well as providing legal protection for occupational accidents and diseases, and emergency aid in case of hardship.
    Moreover, it is actively engaged in Swiss Music Export and the Swiss Foundation for the retraining of performing artists. SIS also supports the Swiss Society for Music Medicine and, internationally, FIM and FIA.

  • SME: Swiss Music Export

    Swiss Music Export (SME) strives to promote Swiss pop music abroad. 
    The association grants artists direct support for their work in European countries and cooperates with partners that share its goals.

  • Swiss Foundation for Radio and Culture SRKS/FSRC

    The Swiss Foundation for Radio and Culture SRKS/FSRC regards itself as a patron and mediator of radio creativity in all the language areas of the country, both for private and public broadcasters. It awards application-based grants for radio projects.

  • ( is an information service of the Federal Office of Culture and Migros-Kulturprozent. The Directory lists patrons and funding institutions in the private and public sectors.

  • Migros-Kulturprozent (Migros Culture Percentage)

    Migros-Kulturprozent represents Migros' voluntary commitment to culture, society, education, leisure and business. With its institutions, projects and activities, Migros-Kulturprozent makes it possible for a large public to have access to cultural and social services.

  • Pro Helvetia

    The Swiss cultural foundation Pro Helvetia is a public foundation entirely funded by the State. Its grants are subsidiary, meaning that they are supplemental to cantonal and municipal cultural subsidies. Pro Helvetia is responsible for projects of nation-wide significance.

Just like workers and employees have their trade unions, musicians, publishers and organisers have their professional and trade associations. These provide support, guidance, advice, information, and committed political lobbying for their members' rights.

  • Schweizer Blasmusikverband (SBV)

    The Schweizer Blasmusikverband (SBV - the Swiss association for wind music) is an umbrella organisation supported by 32 associations. It seeks to inspire young people to participate in the associations' activities.

    Our member organisations represent 1,972 music societies and associations with a total of 67,000 active musicians. The associations represent all social strata and age groups, and all styles of music. From light music through brass band to symphonic music, our associations cover the complete range of musical expression.

  • Liechtensteiner Blasmusikverband

    The Liechtenstein association for wind music.

  • Schweizerische Chorvereinigung SCV

    SCV, the Swiss choral association, is the nationwide umbrella organisation of regional and cantonal choral societies and associations of secular orientation in Switzerland.

  • Schweizerische Trachtenvereinigung (STV)

    The STV, the Swiss traditional costume association, was founded in Lucerne in 1926. Today, it has over 15,000 members organised in 650 groups within 26 cantonal associations. The STV is an umbrella organisation with a folklore vocation and is represented in all four of Switzerland's cultural and linguistic regions.

  • Eidgenössischer Jodlerverband (EJV)

    The Swiss yodelling federation EJF was founded in Bern in 1910. Its purpose is to preserve, cultivate and promote Swiss folklore traditions such as yodelling, the alphorn, and flag-waving. Its members come from all walks of life; the association is politically and denominationally neutral. It currently has over 21,000 members and their number is rising continuously despite modern trends.


    The umbrella organisation for the Swiss accordeon scene. 

  • Eidgenössischer Orchesterverband (EOV)

    The Swiss Orchestral Association, EOV, is the association for amateur orchestras, including about 40 youth ordchestras. The musicians are mostly amateurs who want to play in an orchestra under expert direction, perform regularly before an audience and cultivate social contacts.

  • Schweizerische Tambouren- und Pfeiferverband (STPV-ASTF)

    The Swiss Association of tambour and iper players is an umbrella ssociation grouping four regioanl associations with a total of 174 member tambour and piper clubs., including three from abroad, and some 4,800 drummers, pipers and claironists in Switzerland.

  • Swiss Music Promoters Association - SMPA

    The SMPA is the Swiss trade association for the organisers of concerts, shows and music festivals. In 1991, the main organisers of concerts, shows and festivals in Switzerland decided to join forces and create a trade association, the SMPA. The SMPA's members account for 80% of Switzerland's concert, show and festival ticket sales. Each year, the members of the SMPA organise about 1,400 events of all kinds attended by 4.9 million visitors; altogether, they sign up about 2,500 artists each year, generating annual sales of approximately CHF 310 million.

  • IFPI Switzerland

    IFPI Switzerland is the trade association of Swiss music labels (manufacturers of sound and audiovisual recordings). As a not-for-profit organisation, the IFPI supports its members' interests in economic and legal matters concerning the music industry.

  • SONART - Musikschaffende Schweiz

    The object of this association is to promote the interests of Swiss musicians, particularly with regard to the legal framework conditions which have far-reaching implications for musical creation and the dissemination of musical recordings, and to further the implementation and societal acceptance of these framework conditions. The association also acts as a forum for exchanges between its members and as a platform for various actions. In principle, all active lyricists, composers, producers, musicians and performing artists in Switzerland may apply for membership.

  • The Swiss cooperative society for performers SIG

    The Swiss cooperative society for performers is the only interest group representing Swiss performing artists. It has over 4,000 members making it one of the largest organisations on the Swiss cultural scene where it has established an extremely strong network.

  • Swiss Association of Music Publishers - SVMV

    he SVMV is the leading association for Swiss music publishers. The SVMV sees it as its mission to support, advise and guide the new multifunctional, creative and flexible generation of music publishers in their challenging functions.

  • Swiss Musicians’ Union SMV-USDAM

    The musicians’ union of Switzerland. Since 1914 The Swiss Musicians’ Union SMV-USDAM has been uniting the members of the Swiss professional orchestras and the freelance professional musicians of all styles. The Swiss Musicians’ Union strives to improve working conditions in the music sector, defends the intellectual and material interests of its members, takes an active part in cultural policy and offers comprehensive services.

  • IndieSuisse

    IndieSuisse ist der Verband unabhängiger Musiklabels und -produzenten. Die Schweiz hat seit dem 17.02.2014 einen Independent Musikverband. Der neu gegründete Verband mit dem Namen «IndieSuisse» ist Sprachrohr für unabhängige Musiklabels und -produzenten. Die Schweiz ist eines der wenigen Länder, welches der lokalen Szene bislang keinen vergleichbaren Verband geboten hat. Dies veranlasste die Initianten und Initiantinnen von IndieSuisse, zur Tat zu schreiten und einen unabhängigen Verband zu gründen.


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