SUISA Pension Fund 

Advice and support in times of hardship

For many music creators, money is scarce after retirement.

SUISA has established a special Pension Fund for Authors and Publishers. Entitled members thus receive an income contribution when they retire.

For information and conditions, we refer you to the Pension Fund Regulations and the fact sheet on pension benefits for authors

DAS NETZ: advice and support in times of hardship

The SUISA Pension Fund for Authors and Publishers is a partner of “das NETZ”. Das Netz is an association providing guidance and support to cultural creators in times of hardship. Social services professionals are on call in all parts of Switzerland.

Guidance and support services

  • Analysis of financial situation and preparation of a budget
  • Advice on claims against social security services and private insurers
  • Advice on dealing with public administrations and institutions, where necessary, accompanied visits to the authorities
  • Attendance for the elderly or seriously ill
  • Job-hunting and unemployment consulting
  • Referrals to other professional advisors such as lawyers, doctors, therapists, debt restructuring services, etc.

If you are experiencing hardship and would like to apply for these services, please contact the SUISA Pension Fund for Authors and Publishers.

Netzwerk Vorsorge Kultur

Netzwerk Vorsorge Kultur (benefits network for cultural workers) is another benefits institution whose advisory services are operated by Suisseculture Sociale.

For the elderly, or in case of death or disability: Netzwerk Vorsorge Kultur offers occupational benefits for artists in all artistic genres.

FAQ: Frequently asked questions

Retirement and social security benefits

  • SUISA has established a special Pension Fund for authors and publishers. The Pension Fund contributes to the retirement income of eligible members. For more particulars, please see here.

Taxes/social security contributions

  • Yes. The royalties you receive from SUISA are part of your income and are subject to tax. 

  • No. Authors’ services are exempt from value-added tax.

  • Yes, royalty payments received from SUISA qualify as income from self-employed activities and must be declared to the competent social security office (Ausgleichskasse/caisse de compensation). 
    For more information, see the following blog article: SUISA remuneration is subject to AHV (pension) contributions

SUISA Pension Fund for Authors and Publishers

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