You can obtain a licence here for events which guests attend specifically to dance to music.

If you organise parties, DJ sets or dance events with music for entertainment, SUISA will issue you a licence for the music. 


Licences for parties – organised by a restaurant
If you organise dances or entertainment events in your establishment, you need a licence under Common Tariff H (CT H).

Such events include events with live music performed by musicians or singers, events with music for dancing or as accompaniment for shows and performances (dancers, artists, etc.), karaoke events or DJ performances.

The licence fee is based on the admission price plus the price of the cheapest alcoholic beverage and the number of guests.

Parties licences and information for restaurants.

Non-restaurant establishments

Licences for parties - not organised by a restaurant
If you organise a party, we will issue you a licence for the music based on Common Tariff Hb (CT Hb). Parties are events which guests attend for the purpose of dancing to music. You can obtain a licence from us to play music for dancing or entertainment.

If you play music from music recordings (MP3, CDs, LPs, Streaming etc.) at your events, an additional fee is due for the artist’s and the producer’s rights (neighbouring rights).

Party licences and information for non-restaurant establishments

Company and association events

Christmas parties, association events or general meetings: we can issue you a licenceunder Common Tariff Hb for any event with musical accompaniment.

If you organise a party for a company or an association, we will issue you a licence for the music played. 

Application form and information about company and association events.