Apply for a licence

Apply here for a licence

Music played on jukeboxes is subject to fixed tariff rates. These vary depending on whether only music is played or videos too. The tariffs apply for all machines taking coins or special tokens.

Price for the use of music

The fee is calculated per machine and covers both authors’ rights and neighbouring rights.


  • CHF 19.05 per calendar month
  • CHF 261.15 per calendar year

Video jukeboxes with screens of up to one metre in diagonal

  • CHF 28.65 per calendar month
  • CHF 323.65 per calendar year

Video jukeboxes with screens of over one metre in diagonal

  • CHF 38.20 per calendar month
  • CHF 431.10 per calendar year

For jukeboxes using vinyl singles, the fee is CHF 57.25 per year.

If you conclude a contract with SUISA for your jukeboxes and provided you comply with the contractual terms and conditions, you are entitled to a reduction of 5%, or 10% for more than 30 jukeboxes. Members of the association Swissplay are entitled to an additional 5% reduction.

How to proceed:

Send us the duly completed questionnaire together with your list of works. We will then issue the licence and invoice. Once your payment is received, we distribute the remuneration to the beneficiary composers, lyricists, and publishers.