Music associations and choirs (secular music)

Apply for a licence

Apply here for the licence to use music for music associations and choirs (secular music)

Music associations are groups whose members play music in their free time - for example brass bands, choirs, tambour groups, folk groups, or amateur orchestras.

Concert licences

As a music society, you are entitled to simplified and inexpensive tariff rates for your concerts. If the admission price does not exceed CHF 45, you will be granted a licence under Tariff B. This means that, depending on the type of music society (brass band, choir, etc.), you will pay between CHF 32 and CHF 46.25 per year for every 5 members. If more than half your members are under 19 years of age, the licence only costs half that amount.

If the admission fee for a concert exceeds CHF 45, please consult the following information:

Members with a collective contract

Certain associations have settled their members’ concert and events licensing through a collective contract. If you are a member of such an association, you are entitled to reduced fees and do not, as a rule, need to acquire any licences yourself. The following trade associations have concluded a collective contract with SUISA:

If you are not sure whether your association has such a contract with SUISA, ask us.

Do lists of the performed works have to be furnished?

Yes. In the case of an annual contract, your music association can deliver the music lists to SUISA once a year (by 15 January for the prior year). If your association does not have an annual contract, please send the list of the works performed no later than ten days after the performance. For music groups that are members of a trade association with a collective contract, the list of performed works is delivered electronically by the association.

How to proceed:

Send us the duly completed questionnaire together with your list of works. We will then issue the licence and invoice. Once your payment is received, we distribute the remuneration to the beneficiary composers, lyricists, and publishers.