SUISA has decided to continue the emergency support measures for its members until 30 June 2023.


SUISA can grant advances to its members. The amount of such advances is determined based on a member’s average royalty revenues from prior years. By way of additional relief, advances will first be offset against settlements in 30 June 2023 and later.

SUISA does not grant advances for less than CHF 500; this means that in order to apply for an advance, your average royalty revenues in prior years must exceed this limit.

Please send your applications for advances to

Support payments

Members experiencing hardship as a result of the pandemic can apply for a support payment until 30 June 2023. These support payments are only available to members who are experiencing financial hardship and existential problems due to significant losses of copyright compensation as a result of the Corona pandemic.

Support for SUISA members during the corona crisis

Following the federal COVID-19 ordinances, music usage plummeted depriving authors and publishers of a significant portion of their royalty revenues. SUISA offers its members financial support to bridge the loss in earnings.


Contact us for guidance and support.