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The three Committees are the actual working groups of the 15-member Board; they prepare and handle the business for which they are responsible. They report to the plenary Board.
The Distribution and Works Committee is primarily responsible for amendments to the Distribution Regulations.

Board Committees

Committee for Finance and Controlling :

Bertrand Liechti, Chair
Marco Neeser
Philipp Schnyder
Christian Siegenthaler

Committee for Organisation and Communication:

Géraldine Savary, Chair
Massimiliano Pani
Jean-Michel Valet
Christian Wicky

Committee for Tariffs and Distribution:

Reto Parolari, Chair
Rainer Bischof
Roman Camenzind
Monika Kaelin
Irene Kunzelmann

Members' Committees

Distribution and Works Committee:

Kurt Brogli, composer, Kölliken, Chair
Corry Knobel, composer, Minusio, Deputy Chair
Pietro Bianchi, composer, Sementina
John Wolf Brennan, composer, Weggis
Martin Derungs, composer, Zurich
Thomas Fessler, composer, Zurich
Urs Joseph Flury, composer, Biberist
Walter Gysi, composer, Bern
Frédy Henry, music publisher, Vullierens
Yvan Ischer, composer, Naz
Eric Mermod, music publisher, Lausanne
Alex Kirschner, composer, Pfaffhausen
Giancarlo Nicolai, composer, Bellinzona
Stephan Peterer, music publisher, Zürich
Laurence Revey, Composer/writer, Sierre
Jost Ribary, composer, Unterägeri
Thierry Romanens, composer, Yverdon-les-Bains
Jérôme Thomas, composer, Vevey
Grégoire Vuilleumier, composer, Basel
Theo Wegmann, composer, music publisher, Maur
Marie Louise Werth, composer, Sachseln
René Wicky, composer, music publisher, Oberägeri

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