Apply for a licence

Apply here for a licence for webradio.

Radio stations that only disseminate their programmes on the internet (webcasting) are known as web radios or internet radios.

If a web radio is not commercially exploited and enables no more than 6,000 simultaneous connections, the licence fee is generally CHF 120 per month and per programme.

Information for professional web radios and for webcasters offering more than 6,000 simultaneous connections is available here.

How to proceed

Please fill in and send us the form. Once your payment is received, we distribute the remuneration to the beneficiary composers, lyricists, and publishers.

You may also need an authorisation from Audion Sàrl.

Broadcasters that also broadcast their programmes via cable, DAB+, satellite or other technologies will find additional information here.

FAQ: Frequently asked questions

  • The fees specified by the Radio and Television Act (RTVA) serve to secure independent radio and TV broadcasting in Switzerland. The Federal Office of Communications (OFCOM) distributes the proceeds to the SRG and to the other radio and TV broadcasters with a performance mandate which use them to finance their broadcasting activities.

    The licence fees collected by SUISA are owed to the composers, lyricists and performers of the music and to the producers, screenwriters and actors of the films and broadcasts. All the latter are entitled to remuneration whenever their works and performances are used outside the private sphere, e.g. as background music in stores, restaurants, lounges, working areas or as music for telephone loops.