In matters regarding transnational licensing of online rights, principals, members of SUISA and foreign sister societies having their residence, an office, or a branch in Switzerland or in an EEA Member State, may apply to the Regulatory Authority of the Principality of Liechtenstein (Amt für Volkswirtschaft /Office for Economy, PO Box 684, 9490 Vaduz, Liechtenstein, for arbitration in disputes relating to:

  1. Information about musical works under an online rights management arrangement, the correction of such information, and information about the territorial scope of online rights management;
  2. Electronic communication of the information referred to in point 1 above;
  3. Monitoring of online uses and collection of online usage fees from users;
  4. Distribution and settlement of online usage revenues to entitled parties;
  5. The obligation to enter into a representation agreement with another collective management organisation;
  6. Information about musical works covered by representation agreements for online uses;
  7. The right, under certain circumstances, to entrust the management of online rights to another collective management organisation;
  8. Equal treatment and cost-coverage deductions in online rights management.

Accurate data and information about works, rights, and the territories where the rights are managed are essential to ensuring reliable, efficient, and speedy management of online rights by SUISA, Mint, and SUISA Digital Licensing.

Inaccurate or unreliable data and information may be
reported as follows:

For further details, please see Article 63, and Articles 50 to 61 of the Liechtensteinische Verwertungsgesellschaftengesetz (Liechtenstein law on rights management organisations) (available in German only).