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Apply here for a licence for the use of music in the internet for small companies.

Internet videos for small companies: flat fee

For an annual flat fee of CHF 344 (plus VAT), small companies (with up to 50 employees and CHF 9 million turnover) can use image videos, educational and explanatory films, and similar videos on their own websites and social media profiles and make them publicly available there for free. The preconditions are that the production budget of each individual video must not exceed CHF 15,000 and the video must not contain more than 10 minutes of music.

The flat fee covers the production rights for the video and its making-available on the company’s own website and social media.

Thanks to the cooperation between SUISA and Audion GmbH, the annual fee covers both the authors’ rights and the neighbouring rights. 
The licence is valid for one year from its date of issue. If you remove the video with music from your site during the year, you should let us know at least 30 days before the licence expires. Otherwise you will automatically receive a new invoice for the following year.
We advise you to use production music in making your films – in other cases, the rightholders may refuse you the right to use their works.
The moral rights of the authors (e.g. synchronisation rights) are in any event applicable.
If your offer is primarily intended for customers in Switzerland and Liechtenstein, geo-blocking for other countries is not required.

How to proceed: 

Please register your company for the flat rate through our customer portal.
If you only intend to publish a single video on your website or social media profile, you can licence both the production right and the making-available right with a single fee under Tariff VN. For further information: Films for online dissemination or company use.

Please take into consideration any other relevant rights

When do I need to pay more than the flat fee?

  • Advertising videos  

  • Videos with a production budget of more than CHF 15,000  

  • Videos with a total playing time exceeding 10 minutes   

  • Music videos   

  • Downloading and streaming for a fee   

  • Music offers financed by advertising   

  • Broadcasts (TV, radio)