Apply for a licence

Apply here for a licence to use music in your commercial


To produce a commercial for the television, movie theatre, or the internet, you must obtain a licence from SUISA.

How to proceed:

Please fill in the following form and send it to us so that we can assign you a SUISA number. The number serves to identify an audiovisual recording production. For the further use of the audiovisual recording you must, as the principal, communicate the SUISA number to the company concerned (e.g for broadcasting as TV commercials).

Online advertising campaigns

One or more commercials placed on third-party websites qualify as an online advertising campaign. You need to obtain the production right (Tariff VN) for each commercial, as well as a licence for making available.

For more detailed information, please see the below "Licensing terms and conditions for online (advertising) campaigns".

FAQ: Frequently asked questions

  • Yes. The video production must first be licensed under tariff VN. As part of this process, you are issued a SUISA number. Then when the video is made available on the internet, the terms and conditions for online advertising campaigns are applicable. When registering to make the video available, you will be asked for the SUISA number. For further information.

  • Image films are designed to cast a positive light on a company while commercials are designed to promote sales.