Legal dispute between Meta and SIAE: What does this mean for SUISA members?

The US technology company Meta is blocking all music on its platforms in Italy due to the legal dispute with SIAE. SUISA has intervened with Meta. The SUISA repertoire should be online again by the end of the week.

Due to a dispute about copyright licences with the Italian collecting society SIAE, the US company Meta (Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and others) has blocked the distribution of music on its platforms for users in Italy. This also affects the repertoire of SUISA members as well as other rights owners worldwide who are represented by SUISA for online uses in Italy.

For SUISA, this situation is unacceptable. SUISA Digital has had a contract with Meta for the online use of the repertoire represented by SUISA for several years. Accordingly, SUISA contacted Meta this morning to demand that the availability of its repertoire be promptly restored on Instagram, Facebook and the other Meta platforms. SUISA expects the works of its represented authors and publishers to be available again on these platforms by the end of the week.