Information regarding the September 2019 online distribution

Remuneration collected for various usage periods relating to downloads and streaming from several digital service providers (DSPs) will be paid out with the September 2019 online distribution.

The royalties included in the online distribution consist of:


Usage period

Apple Music Q4 2018 – Q1 2019
Facebook Q3 and Q4 2018
Instagram Q3 and Q4 2018
iTunes Download Q4 2018 – Q1 2019
iTunes Ringtones Q3 and Q4 2018
Oculus Q3 and Q4 2018
Spotify All of 2018
Youtube Q3 and Q4 2018

Comments on the current Youtube distribution

Youtube generates income through advertisements which are shown in various forms with selected videos. Such advertising income forms the basis for copyright royalties payable to rights owners and is distributed by SUISA. The volume of the usage reports by Youtube creates an administrative effort regarding the processing of the data which turned out to be disproportionate to the proceeds in cases where the distribution accounted for works used in videos without advertisements.

The level of the paid-out remuneration varies from case to case. The amounts differ depending on the advertising revenue per video, on the place of use (the country where the video was viewed) and the number of clicks. There is thus no fix or average value “per view” which is applicable across the entire distribution. Quite the contrary: Due to the variables which are applied on a per-work-basis, the paid amounts can differ in each case.

Distribution of previous Youtube collections

The September 2019 distribution includes collections from the renewed agreement with Youtube. Youtube collections from previous years, specifically all of 2017 and the first semester 2018 are going to be distributed at a later point in time. The postponement of this distribution takes place because, on the one hand, the new processing of this set of data has not been completed in line with the described work-based principle. On the other hand, the distributable amount from the previous agreement with Youtube from these usage periods is so low that it is likely for many payments to fall below the payout threshold of CHF 5.00 per distribution and entitled party; they would consequently not be paid out. In order to reach a higher distributable amount, we will await the incoming payments from other DSPs. The higher the distributable amount the higher the chance that as many members as possible receive an accumulative distribution amount of more than five Swiss Francs.

Collections from Facebook, Instagram and Oculus paid out for the first time

Since July 2018, SUISA receives remuneration payments from Facebook (incl. Messenger), Instagram and Oculus. Such collections are distributed as a supplement to the Youtube remuneration. In the actual settlement, the supplement is shown as a work referred to as additional payment with the work number 0000.000.14.