Apply for a licence

Apply here for a licence to use music at film screenings

A- Free film screening: tariff GT C

If you show films without charging admission, for example in the context of your youth work, the rights for the music in the films are already covered by the licence under Common Tariff C, provided that the church representatives have concluded a contract with SUISA.

B- Film screening with admission: tariff GT E

If you charge admission, you can obtain a licence for the music in the film under Common Tariff E.


In both cases, you need to obtain the rights from the film producer. For further information see under “Film Screenings”.

How to proceed:

Please send us the duly completed questionnaire together with your list of films. We will then issue the licence and invoice.

Please also send us the particulars of the films you are showing. Once your payment is received, we distribute the remuneration to the beneficiary composers, lyricists, and publishers.