For the registration of a serial spot, all requirements must be met ( Tariff VN - Art. 15.1.1):

  • At least 10 consecutive spots from the same principal.
  • Music, total duration of the spot, duration of music in the spot, visual concept and sequence must be identical in all (at least) 10 spots.

To obtain the SUISA number, please send us the relevant form.

Initial application:

Series spots with different total duration (e.g. short and long version) must be registered separately (= different forms) for each version.

Follow-up registration:

For the subsequent registration of a serial spot, it is mandatory that the serial spot has been registered for the first time.

For further information: +41 21 614 32 28/30

FAQ: Frequently asked questions

  • Yes. The video production must first be licensed under tariff VN. As part of this process, you are issued a SUISA number. Then when the video is made available on the internet, the terms and conditions for online advertising campaigns are applicable. When registering to make the video available, you will be asked for the SUISA number. For further information.

  • Image films are designed to cast a positive light on a company while commercials are designed to promote sales.