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24. May 2017

New Jersey, just south of Berne

Polo Hofer receives the FONDATION SUISA Prize 2017 in the category “lyrics author”. Christoph Trummer writes in his guest contribution about the factors distinguishing the works of the award winner from others. (Photo: Patric Spahni)

30. March 2017

“As a songwriter, you’re some sort of a lone wolf”

Debrah Scarlett already enjoyed international fame before releasing her début EP “DYS(U)TOPIA” in mid-March. Prior to that, the Norwegian-Swiss musician joined SUISA. (Photo: Stian Foss)

23. March 2017

Mint Digital Services: FAQs

SUISA and SESAC, a US collective management organisation, have established Mint Digital Services as a joint venture. Mint Digital Services will take over the invoicing and administration services for SESAC and SUISA's online licensing activities. The joint venture will also offer services to publishers and collective management organisations. Warner/Chappel Music, a major publisher, is already using Mint's services. Here the main FAQs. (Graphics: Hej - Büro für Strategie und Gestaltung in Kultur und Wirtschaft, Zurich)

22. March 2017

SUISA member services: one look back, one look forward

Quicker pay-outs due to quarterly settlements, simpler data processing via online works registrations, digital access to statements via “my account”, more efficiency via online forms … What’s next – settlements in “real time”? Will there be no more paper dispatched in future? (Photo: Archimede /


09. May 2017

Advertising principals and SUISA agree on licensing terms and conditions for online advertising campaigns

Composers of advertising music want to get a fair payment for the online use of their works. After lengthy negotiations, SUISA and the Schweizer Werbe-Auftraggeberverband (Swiss Advertising Principals’ Association) have agreed a set of licensing terms and conditions for online advertising campaigns.

27. March 2017

Call for candidacies: 2017 Film Music Prize (documentary)

FONDATION SUISA awards its Film Music Prize, worth 25'000 francs, for the second time in the category documentary.


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