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01. December 2017

Copyright Act Review: Authors and publishers must benefit more from the online exploitation of their works

Last week, the Federal Council has adopted a dispatch on the new Copyright Act. SUISA is in principle content with the current version of the law. The solutions achieved in the working group for the Copyright Act (AGUR12 II) were implemented. In order for authors, performers, publishers and producers to benefit better from the digitisation, it is necessary to adopt important additions. The “Transfer of Value”, for example, is extremely disappointing for creators and artists: Internet giants’ platforms continue to be the ones that cash in on the online exploitation of music and films. Creators and artists - and thus the suppliers of the content - are almost left empty-handed. (Image: yaichatchai /

24. November 2017

Blockchain - an ending or future for collective management organisations?

Dear members, everyone in the music industry is talking about “Blockchain” at the moment. It appears that this technology which is based on “smart contracts” gets away without intermediaries: The composer could therefore be paid for concert tickets or music streaming directly. There is even word in the street that this could be the end of collective management organisations. Same old story. (Photo: Screenshot

20. November 2017

SUISA remuneration is subject to AHV (pension) contributions

Copyright royalties paid out by SUISA are deemed as earned income from independent activities and therefore have to be taken into consideration for the Swiss Compensation Office (pension funds). That way, later claims and pension reductions at a later stage in life can be avoided. (Photo: Crafft)

14. November 2017

“I think it’s particularly exciting when I don’t know which direction a song is going to take”

James Gruntz recently released his new album “Waves”. An important role in the creation of this album is the composer in residence year that the 30-year-old songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, producer and singer has been granted by FONDATION SUISA. (Photo: Gregor Brändli)

11. November 2017

Julien-François Zbinden: 100 years’ old!

Julien-François Zbinden is a pianist, composer, writer and ... 100 years’ old. On 11 November 2017, the honorary member of SUISA will celebrate his centennial birthday. For the occasion, the author Jean-Pierre Mathez has been invited to review the jubilarian’s life and work. (Photo: Yvan Ischer)


15. December 2017

Pay-out for online collections planned for December 2017 postponed

The 4th distribution planned for mid-December 2017 of online collections arising from downloads and streaming could not be run as planned and therefore it had to be postponed.

29. November 2017

Migros Kulturprozent and FONDATION SUISA to award CHF 50,000 to Swiss live music clubs

Migros-Kulturprozent and FONDATION SUISA are honouring small and medium-sized Swiss music clubs for the first time.


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