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13. August 2017

Toni Vescoli: A year full of vitality and anniversaries

Toni Vescoli was born on 18th July, 75 years ago. 55 years ago, on 19th September, the musician from Zurich founded the legendary beat music band Les Sauterelles. It is celebrating its anniversary with a tour that starts during the “Beatles week” in Liverpool. At the same time, Toni Vescoli continues to perform with his dialect projects “MacheWasiWill” (dowhatilike), “imDUO” and “Toni VESCOLI&Co”. (Foto: Kessler)

28. July 2017

SUISA, an attractive employer

One day ahead of the General Assembly 2017, SUISA’s Committees for Tariffs and Distribution, for Organisation and Communication as well as the entire SUISA Board held their respective meetings. Agenda items for discussion included the auditors’ report, a new set of staff regulations for SUISA employees and a resolution for a strong public service, among others. (Photo: SUISA)

15. June 2017

To be continued: Our success story, spanning more than 90 years

The General Assembly of our Cooperative Society will take place on Friday, 23 June 2017, in Zurich. Members will have the opportunity during the General Assembly to co-determine the destiny of their cooperative society. Apart from the positive results of the annual accounts for 2016, SUISA is also going to report on the Joint Venture Mint Digital Services, co-founded with SESAC, plus on the developments regarding the copyright revision and the debate on the ‘service public’. (Photo: Hannah McKay)

13. June 2017

“Hands-on” – the new Common Tariff K

The new Joint Tariff K applies to events which have taken place since 01 January 2017. An overview of the changes to the concert tariff in force and some answers to frequently asked questions which have arisen based on the experience gathered with the new provisions in the first few months. (Photo: Tabea Hüberli)

12. June 2017

Career and calling | plus video

How do I found and run an ensemble for contemporary music? Where do I get subsidies for my music projects from? What is the purpose of SUISA and Swissperform? How do I distribute my works via the internet? Impressions gathered during the first ever “Journée d’orientation professionelle” at the Festival Archipel 2017. (Photo: Manu Leuenberger)


26. July 2017

SUISA Senior Vice President Vincent Salvadé elected Vice President of CISAC's Legal Committee.

The annual meeting of CISAC's Legal Committee took place on 27 and 28 June 2017 in Warsaw, Poland. The Committee serves as a forum for CISAC members to exchange information on legal developments in the area of copyright and collective management in their respective countries.

19. July 2017

The Power of Music

What would life be without music? Zurich-based music studio Spacetrain produced a music short film “An Ode to Music”. SUISA members Dean Montenegro and Dave Macloed composed the music for this production. It tells the stories of people whose lives only make sense due to the sound of music.


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