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07. January 2022

“Musicians in Conversation”: Podcast by Helvetiarockt

Under the title “Musicians in Conversation”, Helvetiarockt – the Swiss coordination office and networking platform for female musicians in jazz, pop, and rock, launched a podcast series in December 2020. The second series starts on Friday 7 January 2022. The focus is on fostering the visibility of role models and on networking within the Swiss music scene. SUISA is a partner of the new podcast series. (Photo: Valentina Mahler)

20. December 2021

New features in member services of SUISA

SUISA has been enhancing its online service for years now, especially for music authors and music publishers. Self-service is key: It should be easy and comfortable for members to access all SUISA services online. This does not just save time for members: SUISA can thus also increase its efficiency and therefore distribute more money to rightsholders. In 2022, the conditions for membership will also be amended. (Photo: PopTika /

17. December 2021

Residuals from online collections – what’s that and how can I participate in them?

In mid-December, we pay our members the fourth settlement of their online revenues this year. But this time, we’ll put a cherry on top! This “cherry” comes from the so-called “residuals” about the distribution of which the SUISA Board had decided in autumn 2021. In this context, here’s the most important piece of advice: Register all works as soon as possible with SUISA! (Photo: MandriaPix /

03. December 2021

SUISA Board meeting, autumn 2021

The Board of Directors and the Committee for Tariffs and Distribution and the one for Organisation and Communication gathered on 29 and 30 September 2021 for their autumn meetings in Lausanne. (Photo: Thomas Buchwalder)

30. November 2021

An inconspicuous medium which deserves more attention

The Schweizer Musikzeitung is so much more than a mouthpiece for Swiss music associations. It has grown to become an inspiring platform where you can find reports on musical topics across genres, languages and regions. (Graphics: Hubert Neidhart / SMZ)


23. December 2021

Explanatory video about background music in companies

Many companies play music or show broadcasts for background entertainment. To do so requires a licence from SUISA. SUISA’s new explanatory video illustrates the main points.

03. December 2021

Valid 2022 Tariffs

Tariff negotiations took place this year as well. As soon as a new tariff is approved by the Federal Arbitration Commission for copyright and neighbouring rights, we make it available here for downloading. At the beginning of the year, the new tariff will also be available from the Download Center and the relevant tariff page.


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