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04. October 2019

Wanted: New member for the Distribution and Works Committee

How are collections distributed to authors and publishers? Who receives how much and from which usages of their works? Such questions are the focal points of the specification of duties of SUISA’s Distribution and Works Committee. In this governing body, suggestions are worked out which influence the allocation of the collections. Are you interested in co-determining the business and to sit on the committee? If that’s the case, we look forward to your application by 30 November 2019. (Photo: Sibylle Roth)

01. October 2019

Where there is no love, everything is in vain

Zurich composer and music journalist Rolf Urs Ringger passed away on 26 June 2019 aged 84. (Photo: Keystone / Gaëtan Bally)

13. September 2019

Intriguing insights and concerts at the Zeiträume Festival

Would you like to look over composers’ shoulders while they are working? Would you like to ask them what inspires and incites them to open new worlds for us with their works? The biennial ‘Zeiträume Basel’, a cooperation with SUISA, provides you with the opportunity to have a personal chat with authors of the works which are performed during the festival. (Photo: Johanna Köhler)

11. September 2019

Changes in distribution for Common Tariff K and Z revenues

The CHF 20 limit for the distribution of revenues under Common Tariffs K (concerts) and Z (circuses) has been eliminated. As a result, amounts previously allocated to distribution category 4C will be otherwise regulated. The changes concern points 4.1, 4.2, 5.4 and 5.5 of SUISA’s Distribution Rules. (Photo: Tabea Hüberli)

05. September 2019

A tribute to Claudio Taddei

On 9 August this year, singer-songwriter and painter Claudio Taddei passed away at the age of 52. Born in Uruguay to parents from Ticino, Claudio grew up between Switzerland and South America, where he embarked on a glittering musical career that took him to the top of the South American charts. (Photo: Alejandro Persichetti)


16. October 2019

Valid 2020 Tariffs

Tariff negotiations took place this year as well. As soon as a new tariff is approved by the Federal Arbitration Commission for copyright and neighbouring rights, we make it available here for downloading. At the beginning of the year, the new tariff will also be available from the Download Center and the relevant tariff page.

15. October 2019

New management at Mint

The Mint Digital Services joint venture now has a new CEO.


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