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12. October 2021

Cla Nett: Passionate Blues musician, dedicated lawyer

On 27 September 2021, Cla Felice Nett, lawyer, musician and SUISA member since 1981 passed away after a long and severe illness. Obituary by Marco Piazzalonga. (Photo: Beat Felber)

24. September 2021

“Techno and ländler music are very closely related to each other”

Electronically processed everyday sounds are combined with elements of ländler music to create a new listening experience: this is what the double bass player and composer, Pirmin Huber, wants to develop and realise for his new project. The “Get Going!” grant is supporting him with this project. (Photo: Arthur Häberli)

16. September 2021

Erika Hug: Committed and combative

SUISA and FONDATION SUISA are mourning Erika Hug. The publisher and entrepreneur had been influencing the promotion of Swiss music creation for more than three decades, on the SUISA Board of Directors, as a co-founder of FONDATION SUISA and as the president of the foundation board. She passed away unexpectedly on 14 July 2021 at the age of 76. (Photo: FONDATION SUISA / Musik Hug)

03. September 2021

SUISA Talks at the Zeiträume Festival Basel 2021

Enjoy ten days of contemporary music and experience how the works, often composed especially for the festival, play with their surroundings, ensnare them or engage with them in a kind of dispute. That is the quintessence of the biennial Zeiträume Festival Basel. (Photo: Anna Katharina Scheidegger)

26. August 2021

New login procedure for the “My Account” member portal

On 7 September 2021 SUISA is introducing a new login two-factor authentication procedure for the “My Account” member portal. This means that when you log in, you will need to enter an individually generated code in addition to your password. This procedure is designed to enhance the protection of your personal data and to enable you to manage your own account in future. This article describes what you have to do for continued access to your SUISA data. (Photo: ArthurStock /, edited by Nina Müller)


15. October 2021

FONDATION SUISA: new member of the Foundation Board

FONDATION SUISA is delighted to welcome a new Foundation Board member: Ms Francine Jordi.

14. October 2021

Distribution Rules: distribution of “Residuals” from streaming and download platforms

Management of online rights is not subject to federal oversight. For this reason, amendments to the Distribution Rules do not have to be approved by the Institute of Intellectual Property (in Switzerland) or the Office of the National Economy (in Liechtenstein). They are in the exclusive remit of the Distribution and Works Committee and SUISA's Board. At its meeting on 30 September 2021, the Board adopted the following amendment:


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