Registering and managing music and works

Information about copyrights for authors who create music, or for publishers of music.

Reporting and licensing music use

For organisers of performances and events with music, or for businesses that use music.

When to join SUISA ?

It makes sense to become a member of SUISA if your work is used publicly (e.g. if it is broadcast or performed).

Do I need a licence?

Anybody who organises concerts or publishes, reproduces, performs, broadcasts or otherwise disseminates music is automatically a customer of SUISA.

What do law, music and politics have in common?

SUISA operates as part of a network of national and international organisations in the copyright field.

What does SUISA do?

SUISA is committed to ensuring that the value of Swiss musical creation is recognised and fairly remunerated world-wide. And has been since 1923!

Music is the heartbeat of our society

  • registered composers, artists and publishers as members41263
  • FONDATION SUISA funding for Swiss music2652000
  • Works registered in 20223778929

News & dates

Current events

  • Monday 17. June
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    Committee for Organisation and Communication

    This four-member Board Committee is a working group of the full Board of Directors and deals with organisational and communication matters.

  • Monday 17. June
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  • Tuesday 18. June
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    SUISA General Meeting

    The Annual General Meeting is being held  (in German and French) in hybrid form for the first time this year and is only open to members of the cooperative, i.e. members with voting rights. These members will receive the registration information by mail in May.

  • Thursday 29. August
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    Swiss Radio Day 24

    SwissRadioDay is the largest and leading industry gathering for the Swiss radio industry. In specialist presentations, discussions and workshops, content and technical industry innovations are presented and the future of radio is discussed. SwissRadioDay is supported by SUISA.

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