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Background music / Music on hold / Communication of TV Broadcasts (CT 3a)

If you play background music on your business premises or show broadcasts such as football matches or series, you need a licence under Common Tariff 3a. The same applies to the use of music on hold on your telephone lines.


The licence fee depends on the surface area where the music can be heard or the broadcast viewed.

What to do

Please send us the duly completed questionnaire – you can simply fill out the form online and access it here. You will then receive an invoice from us for the registered usage. Once your payment is received, we shall distribute the collected amounts to the beneficiary composers, lyricists and publishers.

Tariffs and fact sheets are not available in English. Please select another language.

Roger Schmucki, Owner Jeanslife GmbH Winterthur

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Common Tariff 3a: Application

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With regards to Common Tariff 3a (CT 3a), SUISA has been managing all customers directly again since 01 January 2019. In order to do so, data of about 100,000 customers which received their 3a invoices via Billag in the past years, has been migrated into the SUISA systems. 

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Businesses that play background music on their premises or show broadcasts on screens are required to pay licence fees in accordance with Common Tariff 3a. As of 2019, SUISA will once again manage all customers under this Tariff directly

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