Board Committees

The three Committees are the actual working groups of the 15-member Board; they prepare and handle the business for which they are responsible. They report to the plenary Board.
The Distribution and Works Committee is primarily responsible for amendments to the Distribution Regulations.

Committee for Finance and Controlling :

Philipp Schnyder von Wartensee, Chair
Christian Baumgartner
Roman Camenzind
Sylvie Reinhard

Committee for Organisation and Communication:

Christian Wicky, Chair
Johanna Gapany
Zeno Gabaglio
Anna Murphy

Committee for Tariffs and Distribution:

Christian Fighera, Chair
Chantal Bolzern
Tina Funk
Grégoire Liechti
Melanie Oesch

Members' Committees

Distribution and Works Committee:

The Distribution and Works Committee is mainly responsible for amending the provisions governing distribution contained in the Distribution Rules.

Stephan Peterer, music publisher, Zürich, Chair
Jost Ribary, composer, Oberrägeri, Deputy Chair

Nik Bärtsch, composer, Zurich
Andrina Bollinger, composer, Zurich
Bruno Brodt, composer, Zizers
Pascal Brunko, composer, St-Blaise
Thomas Fessler, composer, Zurich
Ursina Giger, composer/writer, Zurich
Stephan Hodel, composer, Berne
Michael Hug, music publisher, Zurich
Stephan Kohler, composer, Lausanne
Grégoire Liechti, publisher, Geneva
Ann Kathrin Lüthi, composer/writer, Zurich
Grégoire May, publisher, Küsnacht
Xavier Samuel Michel, composer/writer, Geneva
Yann Michelutti, composer/editor, Geneva
Natalie Riede, publisher, Zurich
Marco Santilli, composer, Niederhasli
Jörg Schneider, composer, Lengnau
Philipp Schweidler, composer, Zurich
Nick Werren, composer, Affoltern am Albis
Thomas Zbornik, composer, Arth
Jonas Zellweger, composer, Zurich

Complaints Committee

The Complaints Committee handles complaints lodged by SUISA's principals and members and its foreign sister societies.

Oliver Schmid, Head of Legal Department SUISA, Zurich, Chair
Christian Fighera, producer and publisher, Lausanne
Marco Neser, composer and publisher, Zurich
Danièle Wüthrich, President SWISSPERFORM, Nidau
Marco Zanotta, management consultant, Zurich


Daniel Alder, Member of the Federal Arbitration Commission, Zurich
Roman Camenzind, composer and producer, Zurich
Zeno Gabaglio, composer, Vacallo
Gregor Wild, Member of the Federal Arbitration Commission, Zurich