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News for SUISA members / December 2022

News for SUISA members / December 2022

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  • Renegotiating the concert tariff: back to basics

    Of all the tariffs that SUISA is currently negotiating, Common Tariff K occupies a special place. Because it regulates concerts, this tariff is of vital importance for the authors and publishers whose works are performed on stage. In this article, we take stock of the ongoing negotiations.

  • Made-to-measure member services

    SUISA members should be able to access all SUISA services online in an easy and comfortable manner. Not only does this save time for members, it also helps SUISA to increase its efficiency and thus distribute as much money as possible to its rightsholders. SUISA has been expanding and enhancing its online service for years now, especially for music authors and music publishers. In connection with this, we will introduce a new form of rendering services to our principals and members in 2023.

  • New features in our member portal: Being in direct exchange with SUISA via “My Account”

    With a variety of online services, our personalised member portal helps our members to reduce their admin efforts while keeping an overview of their SUISA affairs. The most recently added feature is that our members can now communicate directly with us via “My Account”.

  • Registering for our member portal “My Account” made simple

    Thanks to “My Account”, our members have a good overview of their SUISA affairs. Our personalised member portal helps to reduce the effort of managing data while keeping an overview of all data by means of our range of online services. Registering for “My Account” is quick and easy: Check out our step-by-step explainer video.

  • New definition of publisher in the Distribution Rules – what does this mean?

    Until recently, the Distribution Rules defined publishers as ‘natural or legal persons who have acquired publishing rights for a work, and, in fulfilment of their contractual duties, reproduce or commission the reproduction of the works at their own expense and distribute them accordingly’. However, particularly due to increased online music use, the role of a publishing company has now changed to such an extent that the definition is now outdated. SUISA has now taken account of this transformation by making changes to its Distribution Rules.

  • SUISA celebrates its 100th anniversary in 2023

    On 22 June 1923, the first Swiss collecting society, MECHANLIZENZ, was founded in Bern. One year later, Swiss composers founded GEFA, which has been called SUISA since 1942. In 1982, the two companies merged. Thus, we will celebrate our 100th anniversary in 2023. Planning for a colourful bouquet of anniversary activities and events is in place. Preparations are already in full swing.

  • “I do not use my music to impress people”

    The music of Manish Vyas enjoys great popularity on international streaming platforms. Two years ago, the Indian-born composer, multi-instrumentalist and singer joined SUISA.

  • Corporate events with music: what and how much is payable in licence fees?

    Christmas dinners, team events and New Years’ cocktail parties – winter is the peak season for corporate events. If music is involved, the event must be reported to SUISA and licence fees are due.

  • News from the last two Board meetings

    The Board of Directors and its pre-consulting Committee for Tariffs and Distribution and Organisation and Communication met on 16 June, in Berne, and on 4/5 October 2022 in Lausanne.

  • 33 1/3 revolutions, 33 1/3 years later

    Sometimes the thoughts that come to you while listening to music can be rather strange. This is what happened to me recently when I listened to the wonderful album “Kind of Blue” by Miles Davis. It reminded me that this music was originally released on vinyl, that is, on a long-play.

  • Eight “Get Going!” grants awarded

    This yearʼs “Get Going!” call for entries had a great response among Swiss music makers. After reviewing all the dossiers received, the jury awarded eight start-up grants of CHF 25,000 each.

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