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News for SUISA members / April 2023

News for SUISA members / April 2023

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  • 2023 – a year where everything returns to “normal”?

    Events are taking place again, crowds are common once more and masks have mostly fallen – everything’s peachy, right?

  • News from the last board meeting

    On 19 and 20 December 2022, the Board members gathered for their final meeting of 2022. There, the way was paved for SUISA into a promising year 2023.

  • Purportedly “free” music

    Many people browse the internet looking for music to use in their audiovisual projects. Sometimes, the music offered is designated “royalty free” or “copyright free”. In certain cases, it is royalty or copyright free. In others, the designation “royalty free” or “copyright free” is misleading.

  • The “Ländler” originated in the city of Zurich

    About a hundred years ago, Zurich became the centre of a new folk music scene. Here, it was mainly Central Swiss musicians who shaped the Swiss Ländler – and soon after inspired the masses with it. How did the new style come about and who were the “Ländler kings”?

  • The Swiss song for Liverpool: Created at the SUISA Songwriting Camp

    The Swiss song for the Eurovision Song Contest 2023 is called “Watergun”. The song was composed at the SUISA Songwriting Camp.

  • “The audience should bathe in a cloud of sound”

    From 17 to 21 May 2023, the European Youth Choir Festival will take place in Basel. On the opening day, around 1,000 young people from 13 countries are taking part in a live performance of the soundtrack to the short film “Circuit” by director Delia Hess. In an interview, composer Balz Aliesch and festival director Kathrin Renggli told us about the creation process as well as the challenges regarding composition and performance.

  • Apply for the 2023 SUISA Songwriting Camp

    Be part of the Songwriting Camp, held by SUISA in collaboration with Pele Loriano Productions for the sixth time. It takes place from 30 May to 1 June 2023 at the Powerplay Studios in Maur near Zurich. SUISA members can apply for participation.

  • Third season of the “Musicians in Conversation” podcast series

    In March 2023, the first episode (season three) of the “Musicians in Conversation” podcast series will be launched. In addition to conversations with musicians*, the new season also includes “Backstage Editions” where people working as sound engineers* or bookers* are introduced. One of the ten new episodes will be released every second Thursday.

Photos (from top to bottom): Tabea Hüberli & Dirk Hoogendoorn; Sutipond Somnam /; photographer unknown, music archive Serge Schmid; Nina Müller, Tabea Hüberli; Giorgio Tebaldi; Manu Leuenberger; Kathy Bajaria.