New features in our member portal: Being in direct exchange with SUISA via “My Account”

With a variety of online services, our personalised member portal helps our members to reduce their admin efforts while keeping an overview of their SUISA affairs. The most recently added feature is that our members can now communicate directly with us via “My Account”.

SUISA is continuously expanding its online services on the member portal in the “My Account” section. The following changes have been launched in autumn 2022:

New structure of the start page

Your profile with your personal data can now be found at the top right. That is also where you can access the user administration area and, if you have more than one account, you can switch between profiles there.

If your personal data is incomplete, you will be made aware of this on the start page. For example, if SUISA no longer has a valid postal address for you, a message about this will be displayed on the start page where you can then directly complete the details.

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(Picture: SUISA)