“The spark is actually the interesting part of the big explosion”

Fortunat Frölich has utilised contrasts for his work on the project “Swiss Beethoven reflections”. He also refers to the content of the original folk song “Es hätt en Bur es Töcherli” (“A farmer had a daughter once”).

Fortunat Frölich lives and works in the house of his grandparents in Zurich where classical music has always played an important role. “I would still claim that I have not been specially encouraged or supported”, explains the composer who was born in Chur when being asked why he chose his profession. “At the end of the day, it was my decision.” As a boy, he had already been so touched by a performance of the “St Matthew Passion” in the Martinskirche (Church of St Martin) in Chur that this probably laid the cornerstone for his career path. “But also a path strewn with crises and long detours when I did not want to continue with classical music.” He thus switched to pop music, but then returned to integrating the cello which he had learned to play as a child, since he wanted to do “something else”. Since he had begun to travel the world as a 17-year-old, other music cultures have been influencing him.

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