Core repertoire

Do you perform regularly as a musician at events where you always play titles from the same core repertoire? Then ask for a SUISA pass to avoid having to fill out a programme list for each performance.

The organisers of events generally ask musicians, bands or groups to fill out a SUISA programme list. We need this list of works so that we can distribute the licence fees to the relevant authors and publishers. Do you regularly perform titles from your core repertoire at dances and entertainments? Or the same works at concerts?

Send us your core repertoire on a regular basis and let us know (once a month is best) where you have performed. For musicians and groups who change their repertoire from one concert to the next, the core repertoire pass is not a suitable option. They have to fill in a new programme list for each concert. The programme lists may be downloaded here: Programme form "LIVE"

When you declare your core repertoire, we issue you a SUISA pass. This shows the organiser that he does not have to worry about the list of musical works. It does not, however, release the organiser from the obligation to declare the event to SUISA and pay licence fees for the authors' rights.

Are you interested in a SUISA pass? Fill in and send us the documents. 

Documents available in German, French and Italian. (Not in English, sorry)