Terms and conditions of use - Management "My Account"

Your rights and obligations when managing your account

  1. These Terms and Conditions of Use regulate your rights and obligations as the Administrator of your account.

    By clicking on the “User Administration” button, you undertake to comply with the following terms and conditions when managing your account and profile, granting administrator rights and accounts to other persons, and assigning services.
  2. You have the non-transferable right to:
    - manage your account and profile;
    - link a profile to your account;
    - grant and withdraw administration rights to other persons on new or existing accounts;
    - open new accounts for other persons (users);
    - assign specific services to a user account, and withdraw them.

  3. As Administrator, you are responsible for instructing any other administrators and users, informing them about the functions and terms and conditions of use of their accounts and individual services, and monitoring their compliance. As Administrator, you are notably responsible for ensuring that the access data to your account, other administrator accounts, and individual user accounts are treated confidentially, and are not disclosed to unauthorised third parties.

  4. As Administrator, you are liable for the deeds and omissions of persons to whom you have granted administrator rights as if they were your own. If, as Administrator, you establish that persons you have entrusted with administrator rights are not using those rights as agreed, or that they are otherwise misusing such rights, you must promptly notify SUISA (memberportal@suisa.ch). You may demand that persons to whom you have granted administrator rights be blocked from accessing the accounts. SUISA declines any liability for the deeds and omissions of persons to whom you have granted administrator rights.

    You are liable for the deeds and omissions of the users of accounts and services as if they were your own. SUISA declines all liability in this regard.

  5. As Administrator, you shall hold SUISA, its sister societies, and other persons harmless against any claims (including for legal costs and fees) of any kind whatsoever which third parties may assert for the infringement of terms and conditions of use or for any other damaging conduct on your part or on that of another administrator or user.

    Moreover, SUISA shall be entitled to block your account and others, permanently or temporarily.

  6. As a rule, My Account is accessible at all times. SUISA reserves the right to temporarily restrict, stop or suspend access as required, for systems maintenance or other purposes.

    SUISA makes support available during usual office hours.

    SUISA is responsible for systems maintenance and for supervising system functionalities.

    SUISA does not represent or warrant the permanent availablilty of the system or the security of data transmission. SUISA disclaims all liability for communications breakdowns, failures or disruptions, and for data transmission.

  7. The use of My Account is currently supported by the following browsers: Internet Explorer (from Version 11), Firefox (from Version 30). Chrome (from Version 35), and Safari (from Version 7).

    As Administrator or user, you yourself are responsible for the technical features of the computer used to access the accounts. SUISA reserves the right to change the technical specifications for the use of My Account at any time.

  8. These Terms and Conditions of Use may be amended at any time.