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Board of Directors

The 15-member Board is the governing body responsible for steering and overseeing the Cooperative Society. Its members represent Switzerland’s different musical repertoires, professions and language regions. The plenary Board generally meets four times a year. Each Board member sits on one of the three Board Committees. The Board members are elected by the General Meeting for a four-year term of office.



Xavier Dayer


Author, Bern

Marco Neeser

Vice president

Author, Publisher, Zurich

Rainer Bischof

Publisher, Zurich

Roman Camenzind

Author, Producer, Zurich

Christian Fighera

Producer, Publisher, Lausanne

Zeno Gabaglio

Author, Vacallo

Irene Kunzelmann

Publisher, Adliswil

Grégoire Liechti

Publisher, Geneva

Oesch's die Dritten

Melanie Oesch

yodeller, singer, composer, publisher, Schwarzenegg


Sylvie Reinhard

Entrepreneur, Zurich

Géraldine Savary

Council of states, Lausanne

Philipp Schnyder von Wartensee

Author, Zurich

Christian Siegenthaler

Producer, Publisher, Bern

Marie Louise Werth

Singer, Pianist, Author, Music Pedagogue, Sachseln

Christian Wicky

Author, Lausanne


© Pictures Pablo Faccinetto; R. Parolari: Willi Reutimann; R. Camenzind, X. Dayer, M. Neeser, G. Savary: Beat Felber; I. Kunzelmann, C. Siegenthaler, C. Wicky: Günther Bolzern; Ch. Fighera: Jürg Isler; M. L. Werth, Z. Gabaglio: Robert Huber; G. Liechti, S. Reinhard: Sibylle Roth

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