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2018 Annual Report

On this page, you’ll find SUISA’s 2018 Annual Report, an overview of the highlights and information about the 2018 SUISA Playlist.



2018 Annual Report

The 2018 Annual Report contains all relevant figures and information relating to the previous financial year at SUISA. Informative articles also shed light on the previous year from the perspective of those in the creative sector and examine the tariff negotiations that took place in 2018. Click on the picture to open the PDF.



2018 Highlights

What was SUISA’s turnover last year? How many works were registered with us? How much money was distributed to authors and publishers of music? Click on the picture to the left for an overview of the key figures from the SUISA 2018 Annual Report.



SUISA Playlist

The new SUISA Playlist shows you highlights from the previous year, as well as some of SUISA’s key figures. Explore videos, pictures and articles and discover what SUISA and its members were doing in 2018. www.2018.suisa.ch

(The SUISA Playlist is available in German and French.)





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