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Annual report 2016

From key figures to informative texts and artist profiles – this page contains all publications relating to the 2016 Annual Report, including the Annual Report itself, our corporate brochure and an overview of the year’s highlights. We will also be publishing videos here about SUISA and the artists featured in the corporate brochure



Highlights 2016

What was SUISA's turnover last year? How many works were registered with us? How much money was distributed to authors and publishers of music? Click on the picture to the left for an overview of the key figures from SUISA’s 2016 Annual Report.



Annual report 2016

The 2016 Annual Report contains all relevant figures and information about SUISA’s 2016 business year. It also contains informative articles about current events in the copyright field, topics such as last year's tariff negotiations, and online developments from the perspective of authors and publishers. Click on the picture to open the PDF.



Image brochure

This year, the Annual Report was published for the third time together with the image brochure "Where the music is new", which presents composers and artists representing various musical genres and Switzerland's different language regions. Click on the picture to find out where and how Colin Vallon, Fridolin "Freedo" Walcher, Maria Bonzanigo, Seven and David Philip Hefti create their music

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