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“respect ©opyright!”: a workshop for schools

For schools


respect ©opyright! is a copyrights campaign for schools. A workshop with artists and facilitators helps youngsters understand copyright. Motivating learning and teaching situations encourage youngsters to form an opinion and examine their own behaviour. Schoolchildren should understand what is allowed and what is not allowed in terms of copyright.


For information on the school project see www.respectcopyright.ch


Content of the one-hour workshop


In the «respect ©opyright!» project, an artist and a facilitator help schoolchildren understand how artists are paid for their work. The focus is on the artist and his creative work. The central issues are:


  • How is an artist paid?
  • What do you have to consider when you produce a CD, video, text or picture?
  • How are copyrights in texts, music and pictures handled on the internet?
  • Can I download texts, pictures and sound recordings from the internet and pass them on?


Schoolchildren are informed and sensitized in challenging and motivating learning situations. They come to understand that the internet is not a legal no-man’s land – and that copyrights are essential to an artist’s survival.






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