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The use of a work is subject to the author’s consent. However, Swiss copyright law defines a number of uses which do not require such consent. The use of protected works in the classroom is one example. The Swiss Conference of Cantonal Ministers of Education (Erziehungsdirektorenkonferenz EDK) pays an all-inclusive fee to the five copyright societies for uses in the classroom.


FAQs about educational uses:


  • Can a teacher show a recorded television programme to schoolchildren at camp?
  • Can children’s works be displayed on internet?
  • What should a school bear in mind when staging a play?


You will find the answers to these and similar questions online at “Copyright Law in Education”, a guidebook compiled by the five Swiss copyright societies, contains numerous practical examples (available in German and French only), contains many practial examples. It also contains information about the collective administration societies, a comprehensive glossary and many FAQs on all copyright access – including with regard to new electronic media.

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