Results of SUISA’s 2021 General Meeting

In 2021, like before, the General Meeting could not be held as a face-to-face event due to the continued COVID-19 pandemic and the uncertainties surrounding planning the event. All members who are entitled to vote were given the opportunity to co-determine the direction of their Cooperative Society in writing.

In total, 1’486 valid ballot papers reached us.


The most important results of SUISA’s 2021 General Meeting:

  • Johanna Gapany is a new member of the Board of Directors:  SUISA members with voting rights elected State Councillor Johanna Gapany (FDP/FR) for the current term of office until 2023 into the Board. She supersedes the former State Councillor Géraldine Savary (SP/VD) who stepped down from her duties.

  • Adapting the general rules on investment: The SUISA General Meeting agreed with a large majority that the criterion of sustainability should be added to the general rules on investment. In future, investments will not just be selected on the basis of security and liquidity but also additionally depending on their sustainability.

  • 2020 annual financial statement approved: SUISA's members also approved the 2020 annual financial statement. During the rather difficult last year, SUISA managed to achieve a respectable result despite the COVID-19 pandemic. The stark decline with respect to performing rights was partially offset in other areas. CHF 120.4m was paid out to creators and publishers of music. Thanks to a favourable cost deduction of 13.07% taken from the settlements to rightholders, SUISA will distribute about 87 of 100 Swiss Francs of its revenues. Furthermore, a supplementary distribution of 7% can be paid out on top in 2021.

No physical General Assembly in 2021 either | plus video

On the SUISAblog you will find an article with video messages from SUISA President Xavier Dayer, CEO Andreas Wegelin and the candidate for the Board, Johanna Gapany.


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