News for SUISA members / January 2024

News for SUISA members / January 2024

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  • Copyright – a tool at the service of human creativity

    Artificial intelligence is ubiquitous. It is a source of reflection in many fields and copyright is no exception. This is nothing new: technological progress always upsets the existing balance of interests. But certain new technologies are more challenging for authors’ rights than others: the debate currently surrounding AI is reminiscent of those of the mid-90s, when the Internet disrupted the music industry and conventional creative practices.

  • Why are there provisional works in my works database?

    Time and again, works are performed, broadcast or reproduced before they have been registered with SUISA. Such works are stored as provisional works. What do you need to consider for these works whose documentation is incomplete?

  • Ordinance on Radio and Television Culture needs to be strengthened

    On 8 December, the Federal Council commented on the “200 francs is enough!” initiative. It clearly rejects the proposal. At the same time, it presented a draft for a revised Ordinance on Radio and Television. In it, the Council provides for a gradual reduction in radio and TV fees for households down to CHF 300. For the collective management organisations and their members - the creators and artists - the importance of SRG for the Swiss cultural landscape is paramount.

  • October 2023 board meetings

    After the commission meetings on 26 September 2023 and 3 October 2023, the full board, in its new setup, met in Lausanne on 4 October 2023. The first term of office of the three newly elected board members has thus begun.

  • “Together we are stronger”

    Diane Tell has been known in the French-speaking world for her exceptional chansons for over 40 years. On her blog, the French-Canadian also reports about and emphasises the developments of the music business and her experiences with it. Recently, the composer, lyricist, producer, guitarist and singer joined SUISA.

  • Respect Copyright: An interactive introduction to copyright for youngsters

    Respect Copyright, an event for schools promoted by the five Swiss collective rights management organisations, is designed to raise awareness for copyright and (professional) artistic activity among secondary school-goers.

  • Death of Jean-Pierre Mathez

    It is with great sadness that we have learned of the death of Jean-Pierre Mathez.

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