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News for SUISA members / June 2023

News for SUISA members / June 2023

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  • SUISA on its centenary

    Composers and musicians know it from their own experience. You write a new song, a new tune, and no sooner is it published than there are copycats of the successful tune. That is not a new phenomenon, it already happened in 1923, when the first collecting society was founded in Switzerland.

  • A special General Meeting during the anniversary year

    The SUISA General Meeting will be held soon. We are looking forward to seeing many members who are entitled to vote more than ever. After all, 2023 is an exceptional year – in a positive sense.

  • From private copying to concerts and to SBC

    According to Article 46(1) of the Copyright Act (CopA), SUISA is required to draw up tariffs for the remuneration collected by it. These tariffs must perforce be negotiated with the relevant associations of users and submitted to the Federal Arbitration Commission for the Explotiation of Copyrights and Related Rights for approval (Article 46(2) CopA).

  • The board meetings of April 2023

    On 24 and 25 April 2023, the Board members met in Zurich. Among other things, the annual accounts for the record year 2022 and the upcoming elections were up for debate – and the Board of Directors’ proposals for this year’s General Meeting have been determined.

  • How Switzerland learned to rock’n’roll

    How and when did rock’n’roll reach Switzerland? What traces did the rebellious music from America leave behind? Who was the first Swiss rock’n’roll singer? What was the first Swiss rock’n’roll piece?

  • From Avantgarde to sounds for the masses

    Electronic musical instruments have been used in Switzerland almost as long as SUISA has been in existence. Music creators have always known how to creatively use new possibilities offered by the latest and more advanced instruments, equipment and software.

  • Anniversary publication “Highlights on 100 years of Swiss music”

    On the occasion of its anniversary, SUISA intends to present the century of its existence in a book. The medium of choice is a picture book, aiming to arouse emotions with strong images.

  • First stamp with augmented reality and music

    With an extraordinary stamp, the Swiss Post honours 100 years of SUISA’s commitment to a fair pay for creators and publishers of music in 2023. The special issue stamp is the first stamp in Switzerland with augmented reality and music. A small retrospective and how it all came about.

  • Song for SUISA’s 100th anniversary

    Swiss rapper Greis composed an anniversary song on behalf of SUISA together with other co-authors. The multilingual piece “Anthem 2023” will accompany the cooperative this year. In a written interview, Greis provided information about the origins and background of the commissioned composition.

  • How a hairdresser discovers SUISA

    The SUISA web series with the title “Louis gets it!” has been launched. In the six-part series, hairdresser Louis finds out about the SUISA universe. During that journey, Louis gathers exciting insights when it comes to events or music productions, meets famous musicians and pops in at SUISA. Each week, there will be a new episode and is at the heart of an online campaign.

  • “The music is already playing in your head”

    On 27 August 2023, the Murten Classics Festival presents four commissioned works by a new generation of young Swiss composers to celebrate 100 years of SUISA. One of them is Joëlle Nager.

  • Dancing and singing for life – with and against death

    Simone Felber, a singer, is working on numerous projects to make Swiss folk music suitable for the modern era. And with the “Get Going!” grant she has been awarded, she now also wants to revive the dance of the dead.

  • Global grooves – for greater tolerance

    Bern resident Hasan Nakhleh works with his brother Rami in the duo TootArd on a symbiosis between global dance music and Arab cultural heritage. Thanks to the “Get Going!” grant, he now finds the time and space to take an even more detailed look at this balance between East and West.

  • The last printed SUISAinfo

    After the publication of the anniversary edition of June 2023, the print edition of SUISAinfo will be discontinued. Our SUISAblog and SUISA’s other online channels take over from the members’ magazine to keep members informed – offering more than the paper can.

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