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News for SUISA members / June 2022

News for SUISA members / June 2022

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  • Two years of pandemic have passed financially smoothly for SUISA – new challenges ahead

    After two difficult years for SUISA and authors and publishers due to the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic, we continue to face threats and difficult times. A war in Europe is destroying the foundations of peaceful coexistence. Culture, and thus also the creators of music, as a unifying and peace-building element, are called upon.

  • Hope and commitment

    2022 gives rise to hope with regard to overcoming the pandemic and, above all, improving the working situation for our members. Larger concerts should be possible again this summer and the public is showing more interest in attending festivals and concerts once more. Some festivals and events sold out very quickly this spring.

  • General Meeting 2022: Face to face again at last

    After a break brought on by the pandemic and for the first time since 2019, SUISA will hold its General Meeting at the Bierhübeli in Bern, allowing its members to participate in person and on site. The members of the cooperative are invited to attend in as large a number as possible and to co-determine the fate of their cooperative.

  • Spring meeting of the SUISA Board of Directors

    The SUISA Board of Directors and its committees held their spring meetings on 11/12 April 2022. After a long break, it is back in full for the first time with face-to-face personal meetings at SUISAʼs headquarters in Zurich.

  • Small rights and grand rights: who does what?

    If there is one matter that regularly triggers heated debate, it is the distinction between small rights and grand rights. Small rights relate to non-theatrical musical works and fall within SUISA’s sphere of competence, while grand rights relate to dramatico-musical works and certain types of ballet and are managed by the Société Suisse des Auteurs (SSA) or directly by publishers.

  • Music in video games: Licensing and Addendum to Rights Administration Agreement

    What is a video game without sound? Video games are hard to imagine without music. Many games become huge hits precisely because of their music which is often even released as a separate soundtrack. What is the proper licensing procedure for music in video games and what is the purpose of the new Addendum to the Rights Administration Agreement?

  • Remuneration for private copying – new CT 4i as of 1 July 2022

    Copying music, videos and e-books for their personal entertainment: Consumers in Switzerland have been enjoying this freedom for a very long time. For several years, rightsholders have been paid royalties for copies made on smartphones and tablets. Starting this summer, they are now also going to receive remuneration for copies on laptops and external hard drives.

  • I want to advertise my products: What steps do I have to take with SUISA?

    The production of advertising involves several areas. If you are producing an audiovisual commercial created and/or disseminated in Switzerland, you have to contact SUISA to obtain a licence to disseminate the commercial. This may raise several issues. The main points are addressed below.

  • “Us composers, we are like surgeons for peopleʼs souls”

    Romanian composer Sebastian Androne-Nakanishi attracted international attention at a young age. He moved to Switzerland in 2019 and recently joined SUISA.

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