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News for SUISA members / June 2021

News for SUISA members / June 2021

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  • How private copying produces revenue – distribution of blank media levies

    Nowadays, the lion’s share of private copying is done from the internet rather than from CDs as in the heyday of the record market. SUISA’s Distribution Rules have now been amended to reflect present circumstances. The adjustments are designed to ensure a more equitable distribution of the remuneration from private copying.

  • SUISA continues to be a reliable partner, even in difficult times

    Dear members, we have been stuck with the corona crisis for 15 months and have been trying, as best as we can, to be a reliable partner for you when it comes to managing your copyright, despite of corona. It is now the second time round that we must hold our General Meeting by circular procedure.

  • No physical General Meeting in 2021 either | plus video

    Members with voting rights can still co-determine the fate of the SUISA Cooperative by casting their votes in writing.

  • A worthy result despite Covid

    2020 was an annus horribilis for many music creators. Concerts and other events were by and large prohibited. Most organisers, artists and authors thus lost a large part of their income. Thanks to the good performance in other areas and to its prompt action, SUISA managed to contain the financial damage for many entitled parties.

  • Full speed ahead

    The Corona pandemic continues to direct the course of SUISA’s business. This was clearly perceptible at the Board meeting in April. Which is why it is all the more important to set the course for the future. Report from the Board of Directors.

  • Changes to the SUISA organisation chart

    In the course of the retirement of our Head of the International Documentation Department, the Executive Committee decided several modifications of SUISA’s organisation chart , taking effect from 1 March 2021. These modifications also entail changes in terms of staff responsibilities.

  • The Royalty Report is online

    News about “My account”: Thanks to user-friendly graphics, the Royalty Report provides a quick overview of how the copyright royalties developed over the last five years and allows individual analyses per mouse click.

  • Are royalties subject to social security (AHV/AVS) contributions?

    Do royalties qualify as earnings from self-employment? Swiss AHV/AVS compensation offices follow different practices.

  • “As a composer, you’re always a beginner” | plus video

    In his composition for the project “Swiss Beethoven reflections”, Christian Henking uses the melody of the Swiss song used by Beethoven as a basis. In his six variations, he utilises different principles.

  • Livestream licensing by SUISA

    Driven by the pandemic, livestreaming of the most varied forms of events has grown in significance. Thanks to this technology, it is possible to share an event with a virtual audience despite the applicable bans and restrictions. This article outlines SUISA’s licensing practice and terms and conditions for livestreams.

  • Musikexport – quo vadis?

    Covid-19, digitisation, climate crisis: Musikexport in extraordinary times. Experiences and thoughts on the subject by Marcel Kaufmann, responsible at FONDATION SUISA for its presence abroad and the export promotion.

  • “Amen”: Another ESC song that comes from the SUISA Songwriting Camp

    The Eurovision Song Contest was held again after its 2020 cancellation. A song which was created in the SUISA Songwriting Camp in the Powerplay Studios in Maur was featured in Rotterdam. We spoke with the SUISA member Tobias Carshey, from Zurich. He wrote “Amen” together with Jonas Thander and Ashley Hicklin. The singer of the song, however, was Vincent Bueno from Vienna – and he performed for Austria.

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