FONDATION SUISA | «Get Going!» 2023: Call for proposals

FONDATION SUISA is launching its new «Get Going!» edition and awarding up to eight contributions of CHF 25,000 each. Present us your ideas, your project, and convince our jury of professionals.

  • The idea of «Get Going!» is based on the philosophy of “making things possible”.

  • The call for proposals is deliberately being kept open; there are, for instance, no genre, age or project categories. 

  • «Get Going!» is a seed funding accelerator and investment in a next career step. It presupposes the existence of an established track record and musical trajectory.

  • «Get Going!» aims to impose as few limits on the creativity of the music makers as possible. The focus is on artistic development.

Acceptance deadline: 01.09.2023

Applications are invited from composers, lyricists and musicians who can demonstrate a clear connection to current musical creation in Switzerland or Liechtenstein.

You can find all further information and the call for proposals here: FONDATION SUISA