33 1/3 revolutions, 33 1/3 years later

Sometimes the thoughts that come to you while listening to music can be rather strange. This is what happened to me recently when I listened to the wonderful album “Kind of Blue” by Miles Davis. It reminded me that this music was originally released on vinyl, that is, on a long-play. 

33 1/3 revolutions per minute – that’s how leisurely a record spins – but incredible things happen on this so meticulously cycled time plane. “So What” – the first bass lines already pull you into another world. The rhythm that rises after that releases thoughts which often begin in places one would not have expected. I admit, had we not just now launched a revamped website, including a new application portal, I would not have delved so deeply into the history of the foundation. And then I would hardly have come across the fact that 33 1/3 not only stands for the revolutions per minute of a long-playing record, but that our FONDATION SUISA turned 33 1/3 years this year – a third of a century.

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 (Photo: SUISA / Manu Leuenberger)