Background on SUISA Digital’s lawsuit against Snapchat operators

Today, SUISA Digital Licensing (SUISA Digital) announced that it is suing Snap for copyright infringement. Snap operates the successful platform Snapchat. In a written interview, Fabian Niggemeier, CEO of SUISA Digital, comments on the background of the lawsuit.

Fabian Niggemeier, why is SUISA Digital suing Snap?
Like every online platform that makes music available to its users, Snap also requires a license for Snapchat in order to be able to use this music commercially. However, Snap does not own a license for our repertoire and does not pay any compensation to the creators and publishers we represent for the music in the videos on Snapchat. Thus, Snap is clearly in violation of copyright law, which is why we filed a lawsuit against the company.

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