Several collective administration societies joined forces to exploit synergies in the informatics sector with a view to improving efficiency. FastTrack members work with state-of-the-art computer and telecommunications systems, are experienced in the creation and development of decentralised networks and work together to lower their overheads.

FastTrack aims to

  • streamline and adapt members' infrastructure and processes

  • facilitate the exchange of technological know-how

  • share development costs between members

The main advantage of FastTrack is increased effectiveness and efficiency since all data, licences and distribution systems can be processed in a decentralised manner.

Products: CIS Net powered by Fasttrack
FastTrack has developed a database and network facilitating the exchange of information on musical works and distribution flows between its members. The database contains detailed information on about 20 million works which members can call up at any time. The same technology is used for the CIS Net, CISAC’s network.

FastTrack, the Digital Copyright Network

130, rue Cardinet
75017 Paris