Apply for a licence

Apply here for a licence to use music in concerts at schools

Concerts, comedy sketches, shows, ballet performances, etc.

When you organise a concert unrelated to school classes or with an external audience, we will issue you a licence for the music played. The same applies for comedy sketches, shows and other events where music is played or performed.


As a rule, the licence fee is set as a percentage of your ticket revenues. In certain cases, the fee may be calculated based on the overall costs for the event (artists’ fees, travel and accommodation costs, rental of venues, instruments, and the PA system).

The percentage cannot exceed 10% of the ticket revenues or costs. The rate is lower if SUISA does not manage the rights to all the works performed – provided you deliver a complete list of works in good time. For more information see the fact sheet and the Tariff.

If you play commercially available sound recordings (CDs, MP3s, streaming, etc.), we charge you a fee on behalf of SWISSPERFORM for the neighbouring rights of the performing artists and producers.

How to proceed:

Send us the duly completed questionnaire together with your list of works. We will then issue the licence and invoice. Once your payment is received, we distribute the remuneration to the beneficiary composers, lyricists, and publishers.