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Friday, 17. February 2017

Lyrics for a song: “Anything goes – if it has success”

The FONDATION SUISA dedicates its CHF 25,000 recognition award to lyricists of musical works this year. But what makes a song text a success? Guest author Markus Ganz in an interview with journalist Jean-Martin Büttner. (Photo: Dominic Büttner)To notice

Friday, 20. January 2017

Award for songwriters at the Swiss Music Awards | plus video

The newcomer Nickless and the renowned producer Thomas Fessler won the first award for songwriters at the Swiss Music Awards 2016. The winning song “Waiting”, jointly composed by the two, didn’t appear out of thin air but is the result of lots of teamwork. At the occasion of the Swiss Music Awards 2017, SUISA will honour the performance of composers and lyricists with an award again. (Photo/video still picture: Manu Leuenberger)To notice

Thursday, 05. January 2017

SESAC changes hands: no effect on Mint joint venture

The US performance rights organisation SESAC is changing hands, the company announced today. The change of ownership will have no effect on Mint, the joint venture between SESAC and SUISA.To notice

Friday, 23. December 2016

Association of Swiss Advertisers: composers should waive their fees

Some members of SUISA recently received a letter from the Association of Swiss Advertisers (SWA). SWA is disturbed by the licence terms for online advertising campaigns. Its letter contains the absurd demand that authors waive their fees for the use of music in online advertising campaigns. To notice

Tuesday, 20. December 2016

SUISA Board meeting: Collections, budget and sponsoring for classical music

Four times each year, SUISA Board members gather in committee and plenary meetings. Some of the agenda items are recurring at a set date each year: In spring, the annual accounts for the past financial year is an important issue. In December, the budget for the following year is set. Additional topics arise from the course of business such as changes to the distribution rules, details on tariff negotiations or the cooperation with other organisations. (Photo: Raphaëlle Mueller)To notice

Tuesday, 20. December 2016

New distribution key for performing and broadcasting rights as from January 2017

Decision of the Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property (IPI) dated 28 July 2016To notice

Thursday, 15. December 2016

Fourth quarter settlement in 2016

As already announced at the beginning of the year, the changes to the distribution rules approved by the IPI on 15 December 2015 will influence the fourth quarter settlement on 15 December 2016. To notice

Wednesday, 14. December 2016

Settlement dates 2017: Additional distribution categories part of quarterly settlements

Since 2016, SUISA has been paying out four times instead of only twice a year. Members thus get their money more quickly. Due to the integration of various distribution categories into one distribution, SUISA has also been able to simplify its processes and increase its cost efficiency.To notice

Wednesday, 14. December 2016

Valid 2017 Tariffs

Tariff negotiations took place this year as well. As soon as a new tariff is approved by the Federal Arbitration Commission for copyright and neighbouring rights, we make it available here for downloading. At the beginning of the year, the new tariff will also be available from the Download Center and the relevant tariff page. To notice

Thursday, 01. December 2016

The fight for the copyright review gets tougher

Dear members, the Swiss Federal Council launched the consultation for a draft to review copyright in December 2015. The draft followed the recommendations by AGUR12. However, further proposals were added from the administration and as a result of parliamentary initiatives. (Photo: ScandinavianStock / Shutterstock)To notice

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