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Wednesday, 21. July 2021

SUISA Board of Directors holds a physical meeting for the first time in 15 months

On the day before the General Meeting, the SUISA Board and its committees usually hold a physical meeting at the venue of the General Meeting. This year, it was different for the second time in a row. (Photo: Natalie Schlumpf & Wolfgang Rudigier)To notice

Tuesday, 20. July 2021

Distribution Rules Distribution of revenues from streaming and download platforms

Management of online rights is not subject to federal oversight. For this reason, amendments to the Distribution Rules do not have to be approved by the Institute of Intellectual Property (in Switzerland) or the Office of the National Economy (in Liechtenstein). They are in the exclusive remit of the Distribution and Works Committee and SUISA's Board. At its meeting of 25 June 2021, the Board adopted the following amendments which had been discussed by the Distribution and Works Committee in April 2021:To notice

Monday, 19. July 2021

BMG and SESAC Digital Licensing expand partnership for Southeast Asia and Australia/New Zealand, administered by Mint

SESAC Digital Licensing and BMG have expanded their partnership with new digital licensing deals for BMG’s Anglo-American repertoire in Southeast Asia and Australia/New Zealand. The expansion follows an agreement for the fast-growing Indian market in early 2019.To notice

Tuesday, 13. July 2021

The sound of the mountain

For the first time ever, the Floating Notes Festival will be held at the San Bernardino in Graubünden this year. Floating Notes is all about experimental music. In this blog, festival organisers and performers describe how the unique landscape is influencing music and the performances. SUISA is a sponsoring partner of the festival. (Photo: Sebastiano Piattini)To notice

Wednesday, 07. July 2021

“Get Going!” goes into the fourth round

Since 2018, “Get Going!” has been a regular feature of the support portfolio of the FONDATION SUISA. Now the kick-off financing programme which promotes innovative creative approaches outside the usual “pigeonholes”, enters its fourth round. (Photos: Caio Licínio; Sash Seurat Samson; Romina Kalsi; Gian Marco Castelberg)To notice

Thursday, 01. July 2021

General Meeting 2021: National Councillor Johanna Gapany elected to the SUISA Board of Directors

For the second time running, the SUISA General Meeting took place in writing due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Altogether 1,486 composers, lyricists, music publishers and heirs participated in the voting process by letter and e-mail. (Photo: Luan Bardi)To notice

Wednesday, 16. June 2021

SUISA continues to be a reliable partner, even in difficult times

Dear members, we have been stuck with the corona crisis for 15 months and have been trying, as best as we can, to be a reliable partner for you when it comes to managing your copyright, despite of corona. It is now the second time round that we must hold our General Meeting by circular procedure. (Photo: Tabea Hüberli)To notice

Tuesday, 15. June 2021

The Royalty Report is online

News about “My account”: Thanks to user-friendly graphics, the Royalty Report provides a quick overview of how the copyright royalties developed over the last five years and allows individual analyses per mouse click. (Photo: SUISA)To notice

Friday, 11. June 2021

Livestream licensing by SUISA

Driven by the pandemic, livestreaming of the most varied forms of events has grown in significance. Thanks to this technology, it is possible to share an event with a virtual audience despite the applicable bans and restrictions. This article outlines SUISA’s licensing practice and terms and conditions for livestreams. (Photo: Scharfsinn / Shutterstock.com)To notice

Wednesday, 09. June 2021

Are royalties subject to social security (AHV/AVS) contributions?

Do royalties qualify as earnings from self-employment? Swiss AHV/AVS compensation offices follow different practices. (Photo: Nattapol Sritongcom / Shutterstock.com)To notice

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