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Wednesday, 21. February 2018

2018 – a challenging year?!

Review of the Copyright Act, No-Billag-Initiative, online licensing, further development of “my account”… With such topics, SUISA continues to pursue the aim to offer its members efficient services and to create optimal framework conditions. We will face the challenge! (Photo: Manu Leuenberger)To notice

Tuesday, 20. February 2018

Since December 2017, statements are made available via “my account”

Thanks to the password-protected members’ area “my account”, our members can keep an overview of their distribution statements and distribution settlements. Many members asked us to stop the dispatch by post. We have taken this request into account and introduced the option to renounce on the postal dispatch. (Photo: Rawpixel / Shutterstock.com, edited by Manu Leuenberger)To notice

Monday, 19. February 2018

Changes to the distribution of collections for internet use

New distribution keys will be used for the distribution of collections for internet use (audio and video on demand offers). For downloads, a new key of 25% for performing rights and 75% for reproduction rights shall be applied. For streaming, the split shall consist of 75% performing rights and 25% reproduction rights. (Photo: Rawpixel / Shutterstock.com)To notice

Friday, 09. February 2018

SUISA settlement dates 2018 – and one improvement

SUISA shall stick to its established settlement dates in 2018. They comprise, in the main, four quarterly settlements as well as various supplementary settlements spread across the coming year in analogy to the previous year. From the 2nd semester of 2018 onwards, settlements of international collections shall be switched over to a quarterly distribution frequency. (Photo: Denis Nata / Shutterstock.com)To notice

Thursday, 08. February 2018

SUISA’s financial year 2018: an outlook

In the Committee and Board meetings towards the end of the year, framework conditions for the following financial year are set. As such, the meetings of the SUISA Board in December 2017 continued to be characterised by budgets, cost rates, staffing plans, roadmaps, politics and quite a bit more. (Photo: Kemal Taner / Shutterstock.com)To notice

Tuesday, 06. February 2018

The shadow man of dialect rock

He composed many of the hits which made Polo Hofer, in particular, famous. Hanery Amman has passed away at the age of 65. Obituary by Ane Hebeisen, guest author. (Photo: Wolfgang Rudigier)To notice

Sunday, 04. February 2018

“The inspiration for my songs often comes from a single word” | plus video

As a composer and lyricist, Alejandro Reyes from Lausanne has two songs in the Swiss final for the Eurovision Song Contest: “Kiss Me” and “Compass”. He also performs the latter track himself. The songs were written at the songwriting camp organised by Pele Loriano Productions and SUISA. Writing music as part of a team was new for Alejandro – and an inspiring process. In an interview, the young songwriter explains more about how his two Eurovision songs came about. (Photo: Manu Leuenberger)To notice

Saturday, 03. February 2018

“You have three minutes to impress the whole of Europe” | plus video

Ticino-based musician Chiara Dubey has a good chance of representing Switzerland at the Eurovision Song Contest in Lisbon on 12 May with her song “Secrets and Lies”. The pop ballade was written at the songwriting camp organised by Pele Loriano Productions and SUISA that took place in August 2017. In an interview, Chiara Dubey talks about her collaboration with her co-songwriters Jeroen Swinnen from Belgium and Janie Price from the UK. (Photo: Manu Leuenberger)To notice

Friday, 02. February 2018

“We wanted to write a song that suits us” | plus video

Siblings Co and Stee Gfeller, better known as ZiBBZ, are battling it out for entry to the Eurovision Song Contest with their song “Stones”. They wrote the song together with Canadian songwriter Laurell Barker at the songwriting camp staged by Pele Loriano Productions and SUISA in August 2017. In the video, the two siblings tell us more about how the song came about and why this kind of songwriting camp is so important. (Photo: Manu Leuenberger)To notice

Thursday, 01. February 2018

“You always want to write the best song you can” | plus video

Songwriter Kate Northrop is primarily a lyricist, a creative role that doesn’t often land her in the spotlight. Together with three other co-authors, the SUISA member helped write Naeman’s entry to the Eurovision Song Contest, “Kiss Me”. In a video interview, Kate Northrop explains how she came up with the song lyrics and how she was inspired by the songwriting camp organised by SUISA and Pele Loriano Productions. (Photo: Manu Leuenberger)To notice

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