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Tuesday, 23. February 2021

Ghost Festival – The big silence

The Ghost Festival, the biggest concert event ever to be held in Switzerland will take place over the next weekend. The line-up includes around 300 bands and artists. However: There are neither performances, nor music or light shows. The Ghost Festival which was conceptualised as an initiative of solidarity for the Swiss music scene, is emblematic for the disastrous situation creators and artists find themselves in during the corona crisis. SUISA supports the festival as a sponsor. It had a video interview with Baldy Minder, the co-organiser of the festival regarding the facts behind the non-festival (Picture: Giorgio Tebaldi)To notice

Wednesday, 17. February 2021

“Jerusalema Dance Challenge”: These are the rights you need for the music in the video

Over the last few months, dance videos with the song “Jerusalema” by the South African artists DJ Master KG and Nomcebo Zikode went viral on the web. This article explains what the conditions for using the music in the videos are and which rights are actually involved.To notice

Tuesday, 16. February 2021

Music and culture are part of your daily needs – it’s not enough to just open the food shops!

A year ago, on 28 February 2020, the first restrictions for cultural events were adopted. Initially events were limited to 1,000 people, then the first lockdown occurred in mid-March. Thanks to precautionary measures, small rule relaxations were granted in the summer, but they were gradually reversed in autumn. Since mid-January 2021, we have been stuck in the second lockdown: without music events, without access to real – non-virtual – cultural experiences. (Photo: Beat Felber)To notice

Friday, 12. February 2021

Planning ahead in a crisis situation

Advance planning is particularly important in times of crisis. During the December 2020 meetings of the Board, SUISA looked at the key issue, budgetting, and other relevant topics for the future. (Photo: Tabea Hüberli & Dirk Hoogendoorn)To notice

Tuesday, 19. January 2021

Mint Digital Services and SUISA Manage Online Business for Greek Collecting Society AUTODIA

Mint Digital Services, SUISA and the Greek copyright society AUTODIA have signed an agreement for the international online licensing and administration of composers, lyricists and publishers.To notice

Friday, 15. January 2021

Corona Pandemic Measures

SUISA's offices remain closed to the public until further notice. However, SUISA can still be contacted by e-mail and telephone.To notice

Wednesday, 23. December 2020

Press release of the Taskforce Culture: Parlament erweitert die Unterstützung für die Kultur

(only available in German) Mit dem zweiten Kultur-Lockdown nahm das Parlament auf Antrag des Bundesrates noch einmal die Diskussion über die Unterstützungsmassnahmen für diesen besonders betroffenen Sektor auf. Während der Differenzbereinigung zwischen den beiden Räten wurden aufgrund der sich zuspitzenden Lage neue Anträge zum Covid-19-Gesetz beraten. Die Taskforce Culture ist erfreut und erleichtert über die beschlossenen Anpassungen. Die von ihr letzte Woche angemahnten Lücken wurden zu einem grossen Teil geschlossen.To notice

Friday, 18. December 2020

Nothilfe Suisseculture Sociale: Gesuche bis am 20. Dezember 2020 einreichen

Only available in German: Reichen Sie noch vor dem 20. Dezember ein Nothilfe-Gesuch bei Suisseculture Sociale ein. Damit kann dieses gegebenenfalls noch für den Zeitraum Oktober bis Dezember berücksichtigt werden.To notice

Tuesday, 15. December 2020

Mint Digital Services and SUISA Digital Licensing Manage Online Business for Israeli Copyright Society ACUM

The Israeli copyright society ACUM has entrusted Mint Digital Services and SUISA Digital Licensing with the international licensing and administration of its members’ rights – composers, lyricists and publishers.To notice

Wednesday, 25. November 2020

Negotiating in the age of corona … and with corona

Negotiating is one of SUISA’s key functions. SUISA negotiates tariffs and contracts inter alia. It must safeguard the interests of its members, ensure their legitimate demands are understood and accepted, and obtain the best possible terms for musical creation. It does this through discussion and compromise: in a nutshell, through human relations. But last spring, a new player invited itself to the negotiating table: Covid-19. (Photo: Tabea Hüberli & Dirk Hoogendoorn)To notice

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