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Friday, 13. November 2020

Musicdirectory.ch: Having a beer with a music platform

Elia of Helvetiarockt [Helvetia rocks] met musicdirectory.ch for a pint of beer. Keeping your social distance under blue skies. The last few weeks have been turbulent. On 20 October 2020, the platform Music Directory was presented in public for the first time, after that, things went crazy. Both in terms of campaign work and inside the new database. So it was high time to raise a glass together. To notice

Friday, 06. November 2020

Corona pandemic: Offices in Lausanne will be closed to the public until further notice.

Since Friday, 6 November, the SUISA offices in Lausanne will, until further notice, be exceptionally closed to the public. There is also only limited access to the offices in Zurich and Lugano for visitors, masks are compulsory throughout the buildings, and the staff do, in line with the recommendation from the authorities, mainly work from home. If possible, visitors are asked to get in touch via telephone or email. SUISA shall of course continue its services in this situation.To notice

Thursday, 05. November 2020

Extension of the emergency support scheme of Suisseculture Sociale until 31/12/2021

The emergency support via Suisseculture Social will be continued under the Covid-19 law. Full time creative professionals who have their residence in Switzerland, may submit a here request from Thursday, 5 November 2020. We recommend to all creators and artists who are entitled to make a claim and who are in a financial emergency situation, that they submit a request now, and not wait until all of the reserves have been used. To notice

Thursday, 29. October 2020

Online licensing activities require early work registrations

From a sales perspective, online music distribution provides enormous opportunities. With little effort, music can be made available to a global audience within an instant. The distribution of copyright royalties, however, is complex when it comes to online usages. This is also due to the fact that the processes differ from those for performing and broadcasting rights. The most important advice is: First, register the work with SUISA as early as possible, then publish it online. (Photo: Anutr Yossundara / Shutterstock.com)To notice

Monday, 26. October 2020

Medienmitteilung der Taskforce Culture: Der Kultursektor braucht Klarheit und einheitliche Regeln (not available in english)

Der Kultursektor kann nachvollziehen, dass zur Eindämmung der Covid-19-Pandemie einschneidendere Massnahmen notwendig sind. Diese werden aber viele Kulturschaffende und Kulturunternehmen endgültig existenziell gefährden. Staatliche Einschränkungen der wirtschaftlichen Tätigkeiten müssen mit rascher und unbürokratischer finanzieller Hilfe abgefedert werden. Der Einbezug der Kulturverbände auf allen Ebenen der Staatsorganisation (Bund, Kantone und Gemeinden) ist wichtiger denn je.To notice

Wednesday, 21. October 2020

Income and expenditure, investments and an anniversary

A wide-ranging list of topics was on the agenda for discussion at the meetings of the SUISA Board on 28 and 29 September 2020. For the first time after the disruption caused by corona, a part of the meeting participants met in Lausanne while respecting the protective measures in person, while some members of the Board of Directors joined via videoconferencing from their home office. (Photo: Tabea Hüberli & Dirk Hoogendoorn)To notice

Wednesday, 21. October 2020

SUISA reacts to massive surge in corona cases

Since Friday, 16 October, there is an obligation to wear a mask on the SUISA premises and staff are working predominantly from home in line with the recommendation of the authorities. Access to the office premises for visitors is limited. If possible, visitors are asked to get in touch via telephone or email.To notice

Tuesday, 06. October 2020

New Swiss folk music

Folk music in Switzerland has been booming in recent decades. In this dossier, we take a look at this new delight in tradition.To notice

Wednesday, 23. September 2020

Swiss Congress on Film and Media Music

From 29 September to 2 October 2020, the film and media music congress “SoundTrack_Zurich” will take place during the Zurich Film Festival. Swiss film and media music professionals can use this event to expand their network, broaden their expertise and exchange ideas with experienced, internationally active business insiders. (Photo: SoundTrack_Zurich)To notice

Monday, 14. September 2020

Label Suisse and SUISA make Swiss music possible | plus video

The ninth edition of the Label Suisse Festival will take place in Lausanne from 18 to 20 September 2020. Programming of this biennial festival is dedicated to the Swiss music scene with all its diversity. Special highlight: Artists from all genres have composed works especially for the Label Suisse. These works will be performed live at the festival for the first time. SUISA is once again involved as one of the main partners of the festival. (Photo: screenshot video Label Suisse)To notice

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