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Monday, 19. April 2021

Archipel Festival – a well-established works smithy | plus video

The Archipel Festival is going to give a large audience access to a plethora of new works between 16 and 25 April 2021 from its location in Geneva. The audience will be able to delve into the festival from the comfort of their homes and to log on in order to follow about 70 events which take place each afternoon. (Photo: Nina Müller)To notice

Thursday, 15. April 2021

How private copying produces revenue – distribution of blank media levies

Nowadays, the lion’s share of private copying is done from the internet rather than from CDs as in the heyday of the record market. SUISA’s Distribution Rules have now been amended to reflect present circumstances. The adjustments are designed to ensure a more equitable distribution of the remuneration from private copying. (Photo: Carlos Castilla / Shutterstock.com)To notice

Tuesday, 13. April 2021

Distribution Rules: Decision of the Federal Institute for Intellectual Property

The Federal Institute for Intellectual Property has approved the following amendments to SUISA's Distribution Rules:To notice

Tuesday, 06. April 2021

Coronavirus pandemic: SUISA is meeting its clients halfway

Currently, many sectors are affected by measures related to the coronavirus pandemic. Thus, SUISA is meeting its clients halfway.To notice

Wednesday, 31. March 2021

Music in companies: What to bear in mind

Music plays an important role in many businesses. It creates a pleasant atmosphere for customers, guests, and employees, it enhances advertising messages, and is an important part of corporate events. The rights to use music are easy to obtain from SUISA. Depending on the type of use, different tariffs and rates apply. (Photo: Tana888 / Shutterstock.com)To notice

Tuesday, 30. March 2021

Important survey on the income and social insurance situation of artists

Suisseculture Sociale and Pro Helvetia are currently conducting a survey on the current income and social insurance situation of artists. The aim is to develop solutions for artists to close gaps in the social insurance system.To notice

Tuesday, 23. March 2021

“We want to prevent current projects from failing”

With “Keep Going!”, FONDATION SUISA is temporarily expanding its funding portfolio. (Photo: FONDATION SUISA)To notice

Wednesday, 17. March 2021

Julien-François Zbinden: an extra-ordinary force of personality

On 8 March 2021, Swiss composer and jazz pianist Julien-François Zbinden passed away. He was 103 years’ old. Julien-François Zbinden was President of SUISA from 1987 to 1991. Obituary by Xavier Dayer, President of SUISA. (Photo: Jean-Pierre Mathez)To notice

Wednesday, 17. March 2021

STOP PIRACY: ‘Fake-Fluencer’ online campaign

A campaign on Instagram is raising awareness about piracy on the web: STOP PIRACY is working together with famous Swiss influencers on it.To notice

Tuesday, 23. February 2021

Ghost Festival – The big silence

The Ghost Festival, the biggest concert event ever to be held in Switzerland will take place over the next weekend. The line-up includes around 300 bands and artists. However: There are neither performances, nor music or light shows. The Ghost Festival which was conceptualised as an initiative of solidarity for the Swiss music scene, is emblematic for the disastrous situation creators and artists find themselves in during the corona crisis. SUISA supports the festival as a sponsor. It had a video interview with Baldy Minder, the co-organiser of the festival regarding the facts behind the non-festival (Picture: Giorgio Tebaldi)To notice

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