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Friday, 05. June 2020

Information on live streams for SUISA members

The corona measures led to a loss of performance and earning opportunities for music creators and to a painful loss of live music for music consumers. Live streaming therefore enjoys great popularity, especially in these times, and takes on a pertinent role in the cultural industry. (Photo: screen shot video Cyril Bondi)To notice

Friday, 29. May 2020

SUISA annual results: Authors and publishers of music receive more money from the past year

In the past year, SUISA generated income of CHF 160.9 million from the exploitation of copyrights in Swit-zerland and abroad. Income from concerts and the online sector in particular contributed to this good result. Including secondary income, total revenue amounted to CHF 176.3 million. The good result bene-fits composers, lyricists and publishers of music, who will receive more money from SUISA this year. However, SUISA expects a massive decrease in income for the current year and next year due to the pre-sent coronavirus crisis.To notice

Thursday, 28. May 2020

No General Meeting 2020 – but voting by correspondence instead

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the General Meeting cannot take place in its usual form. However, members with voting rights may still have a say in the destiny of their SUISA Cooperative by casting their votes by letter. (Photo: Juerg Isler, isler-fotografie.ch)To notice

Friday, 22. May 2020

“This crisis is indicative of a sick society”

Today, in the context of our “Music for Tomorrow” project, we are introducing Swiss jazz and improvisation musician Cyril Bondi, and his piece “We Need to Change”. In a written interview, Cyril tells us why he believes that politics and not the virus are responsible for the current crisis. (Photo: screenshot video Cyril Bondi)To notice

Friday, 15. May 2020

A Board Meeting focused on the coronavirus

To comply with coronavirus regulations, SUISA’s Board met for the first time by video conference on 28 and 29 April 2020. Board members were connected by sound and video from their respective home offices. After a short period of accustomation, the meeting proceeded apace without any significant communications problems. Even thorny issues were debated and decided in this way. (Photo: RomeoLu / Shutterstock.com)To notice

Thursday, 14. May 2020

Remembering an extraordinary person and gifted musician

The pianist Willy Bischof was an established figure on the Swiss jazz scene and made his mark on the programmes of Radio DRS as music editor and programme director. In December 2019, the long-standing SUISA member died at the age of 74. (Photo: Pietro Schaller)To notice

Friday, 08. May 2020

“In this, we are all really challenged as a community”

With the “Music for tomorrowˮ project, SUISA aims to support its members in these difficult times. We offer artists a platform where they can talk about their current situation while in lockdown and present one of their works. This week we present the Swiss pianist, composer and music producer Nik Bärtsch and his piece “Modul 5ˮ. In the interview, Nik talks about his everyday life in lockdown with his family and what he has in common with an Australian emergency doctor. (Photo: screenshot video Nik Bärtsch / Group Galore)To notice

Tuesday, 28. April 2020

“This situation will put everyone – musicians, technicians, insiders – to the test”

With the “Music for tomorrow” project, SUISA aims to support its members in these difficult times. We offer artists a platform where they can talk about their current situation while in lockdown and present one of their works. The prelude is made by the Ticino composer and harpist Kety Fusco. In a written interview she talks about her everyday life in lockdown and why not that much has actually changed for her. (Photo: Kety Fusco / Nina Müller)To notice

Friday, 24. April 2020

SUISA extends payment deadline for its customers

From April 2020 and until further notice, SUISA will grant an extension of the payment period on invoices issued from 30 to 90 days. For music not used in connection with the official regulations against the spread of the corona pandemic, copyright fees will be dropped. (Photo: Federal Office of Public Health)To notice

Tuesday, 21. April 2020

The revised copyright law has come into force

The coronavirus pandemic has naturally eclipsed this event. Yet the amended Federal Copyright Act came into force on 1 April 2020 after the Pirate Party failed its attempt to launch a popular referendum. (Photo: Manu Leuenberger)To notice

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