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Parties and other dance events

You can obtain a licence from us to play the music for dancing or entertainment. The licence fee is calculated based on Common Tariff Hb.

The fee is generally a percentage of the ticket sales; for small events (admission fee of less than CHF 17.- plus premises with a capacity of max. 400 persons), we charge a flat fee.

By way of exception, the licence fee may be calculated based on the costs for musicians (artists’ fees, agents’ fees, and travel and accommodation costs), local rent and PA system. For more details, please consult the relevant Fact Sheet and Tariff.

By concluding a contract with SUISA for your events, you can benefit from licence fee reductions of up to 15% provided you fulfil the contractual terms and conditions.

Contact us in good time so you can budget the licence fees.

Please send us the duly completed questionnaire together with your list of works. We will then issue the licence and invoice. Once your payment is received, we shall distribute the royalties to the beneficiary composers, lyricists and publishers.


Tariffs and information sheets are not available in English. Please select another language.


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