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Internet videos for small businesses

Small businesses (with up to 50 employees and CHF 9 million sales) can use music on their websites and on social media for a flat fee of CHF 344 per year. 

What advantage does a flat fee offer the user?

This flat fee covers the video production rights and the right of making available on company websites and social media.

When is more than the flat fee payable?

What else should users be mindful of?

  • Thanks to the cooperation between SUISA and Audion GmbH, users can acquire both authors' rights and neighbouring rights for an annual flat fee.
  • The licence is valid for one year from the invoice date. If you wish to remove your videos with music during the year, please let us know at least 30 days before your licence expires. Otherwise, you will automatically receive an invoice for the following year.
  • With the exception of Mood Music, the holders of the music rights may at any time refuse to allow their works to be used.
  • Authors' moral rights (e.g. synchronisation rights) may apply.
  • Even if your offer is primarily for customers in Switzerland and Liechtenstein, our licence is valid worldwide.



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