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Film screenings

If you plan to screen a film, you have to apply for a licence directly to the film production company or, in the case of non-commercial screenings, to MPLC.

In addition, SUISA has to issue a licence for the music in the film. The licence fee is calculated in accordance with Common Tariff E. The fee for author's rights is 1.39%; for neighbouring rights, the fee is between 0.03% and 1.39% of the revenues, depending on the type of event. If you are showing the film for free, a daily or monthly flat fee will be charged. For further information, please see the Fact Sheet and the Tariff.

Please send us the duly completed questionnaire. We will then issue the screening licence. Please also send us the relevant information on the film with the questionnaire so that we can distribute the remuneration to the participating composers and publishers. 

Tariffs and information sheets are not available in English. Please select another language.


Are you planning a television evening outside the private sphere or a public screening of a sports event or television broadcast? Then click on the link below:




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