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Technical Online Working Group Europe (TOWGE)

The TOWGE consists of a small group of direct licensors and local society representatives, and also includes a representative who reports back to other local societies on a bilateral basis.


Terms of Reference



Paneuropean Licensing Rules (Repertorie Definition / Rights Split)

Rights Splits

This document sets out the rights splits between performing and mechanical rights to be applied in each territory for different types of on-line and mobile exploitations, including Permanent Downloads, On-Demand streaming (both free to the end user and via subscription), Webcasting, Ringtones, Cloud services, User Generated Content and Tethered Downloads. This document may be subject to modifications from time to time.

European Rights Splits

Licensing Rules Repertoire Definition

This document defines the repertoires managed by each Direct Licensor on a Pan European basis for multi territorial on-line and mobile exploitations, including the following details: the name of the repertoire, which licensing body (Direct Licensor) manages the given repertoire, the exact definition of the repertoire, which Digital Service Providers (DSPs) are covered by the mandate, which use types are covered and the start and end date (where relevant) of the mandate. This document may be subject to modifications from time to time.

Licensing Rules


Example Works


DDEX Digital Sales Report Standard

The Digital Data Exchange, LLC (“DDEX”) is a standards development organisation incorporated in 2006 to design (for voluntary adoption) standardised XML message formats for the exchange of metadata across the digital content value chain.

DDEX Adoption


Digital Sales Report ‘template’ messages as examples for usage models currently provided by DSPs

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La fondation de SUISA


Mint Digital Services