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Mint Digital Services

Who we are

The Mint Companies administer copyrights for online usage on behalf of songwriters, composers and music publishers.

Mint Digital Services is the alliance between the only U.S. Music Rights Organization (MRO), SESAC, and the Swiss collective management organization, SUISA. Under this joint venture, the two companies work closely together to administer licenses to use musical compositions in online music services on behalf of publishers, Collective Management Organizations (CMOs) or Independent Management Entities (IMEs).

SESAC Digital Licensing is a licensing unit of SESAC Holdings. The company offers to license the Performing Rights and Mechanical Rights of SESAC Holdings, as well as Performing Rights of a few collecting societies, on a multi-territorial basis, to digital service providers.

SUISA Digital Licensing is a licensing unit of SUISA. The company offers to license the Performing Rights of several Anglo-American Performing Rights Organizations on a multi-territorial basis to any digital service provider.

What we do

Administer Digital Copyrights for Rightsholders
The management teams of the Mint Companies each have years of experience in maximizing the value of copyright on multiple platforms across Europe and beyond, while providing dedicated services and transparent business practices.

Issue Licenses to Digital Service Providers
If a client requires the addition of performing rights to his mechanical rights catalogue, the Mint digital licensing companies each offer individual services. If a client requires the performing rights of SESAC, Mint SESAC Digital Licensing will provide those services. If the client requires additional performing rights of specific Anglo-American performing rights organizations, Mint SUISA Digital Licensing will be the point of contact.
If a rightsholder controlling mechanical and/or performing rights requires licensing services, the two licensing entities will provide those services.


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