SUISA – the Cooperative Society for Music Authors and Publishers in Switzerland


20. November 2014

SUISA strengthens its position in the online music business

SUISA has joined Armonia, the world's largest network for international music licences. By becoming a member of the network, SUISA has strengthened its bargaining power over online service providers in the music industry. This will benefit the members of SUISA as well as cre-ators and publishers of music in Switzerland.

10. October 2014

An accusation of plagiarism – what is SUISA's role?

Recently, various media outlets have levelled accusations of plagiarism against a Swiss artist. This issue is nothing new, yet every time the case is shrouded in ambiguity: Who is making the accusation? What happens to an artist who copies somebody else's work? How much do they have to pay? What role does SUISA play in all of this? (Blog post available in German and French)


SUISAblog available in German and French only

25. November 2014

Musikfestival MaMA: Sprungbrett für SUISA-Mitglieder

Das Musikfestival MaMA in Paris ist eine ideale Plattform für Schweizer Musiker, sich international Gehör zu verschaffen. Auch dieses Jahr hat die FONDATION SUISA in Zusammenarbeit mit Swiss Music Export einen «Swiss Business Mixer» am MaMA organisiert. (Foto: Marcel Kaufmann)

21. November 2014

Etabliertes Schweizer Stelldichein am Reeperbahn Festival in Hamburg

Raclette und Weisswein am Freitagnachmittag, mittlerweile eine Tradition am Reeperbahn Festival in Hamburg, haben dieses Jahr erneut zahlreiche internationale Musikinsider an die Schweizer Showcases gelockt. (Foto: Nina Zimmermann/Reeperbahn Festival)

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